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weight-loss-success-melissa-sanchez-part-2-mainOne woman lost over 250 pounds with no surgery. 

Melissa Sanchez's story is a powerful one for those having hardship with weight loss. She weighed over 500 pounds and wanted it all to end. Then something happened. Read more of the incredible journey she shared with Womensforum. 

weight-loss-success-melissa-sanchez-part-1-photo3Melissa wrote to me, saying she loved Womensforum's healthy content and inspires her to this very day.

"Thank you, love your page! It inspired me and still does everyday," she said. "I lost 262 pounds no surgery. Have busted my butt cardio and weight lifting! And your page! Thank you so much!"  

When I read this, I had to learn more about her story. Melissa poured it all out to me, which you can read here

Once I had heard her story, I wondered and asked her that once the scale went over 300, then 400, then 500 pounds...why didn't she stop? What was the "aha" moment that made her realize she had to get better?

Melissa told me, "Food was so good. I didn't care what the scale read. But the 'aha' moment was when my doctor said there was something wrong with my liver and would have to do more tests. I knew what it was...too much fat around it, and/or in it. That was the 'aha' moment."

I asked her what words were in her mind each day as she began to lose weight, slowly but surely. 

"The words I had told myself everyday were 'I'm not going to die! Lets get this fat off!'" she said. 

In Part 1 of Melissa's story, she said her feelings about being overweight got her to the point where she did not want to live anymore. Now, she has inspiration to live.

"My grandchildren, I have three - Rayna, Raniyah, and Jasper...and two daughters. I didn't want them to have to say that my mom died because of obesity! No way! Thank you."

Learn more about Andrea at www.andreametcalf.com





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