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weight-training-workoutsWho Says Women Can't Be Hot AND Strong?

When it comes to weight training for weight loss, women are afraid to try it because of this question: "But won't weight training make me bulky? I don't want to get big!" Many women shun the thought of strength training as an exercise option, believing that only common woman exercise practices such as zumba, aerobics, pilates, and yoga will help them drop the weight and get that lean, feminine physique. First of all, there’s nothing wrong with the aforementioned four types of workouts, but adding free weight training can produce absolutely amazing results and help you retain a fit body!  

Weight Training Tips for Women

Women tend to believe that weight training will result in a bulky, unappealingly masculine look. But most women do not have high enough testosterone levels to get "big" (Women that do achieve that "big" extreme are likely taking steroids). Women that weight train regularly, obtain a sleek, toned, yet shapely appearance.  In addition, weight training greatly reduces my stubborn belly flab, helping your clothing fit much better.

  • Another misconception is that one has to lift very heavy weights in order to increase bone density. On the contrary, bone density and strength increases happen even when a woman is using only her own body weight or light, free weights.
  • Muscle tissue burns a lot of calories, even while the body is at rest. A pound of lean muscle tissue expends 35 calories per day, but a pound of fat only burns two calories per day!  So of course, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn.  After around age 35, women begin to lose the natural muscle mass that they had in their earlier years.  The result is that the loss of muscle, (about a half pound), is replaced by a pound and a half of fat!  Consequently, women who lift weights regularly can get away with eating more because their metabolisms are higher. 
  • Other frequent objections to weight-training center around how much time it will take.  Many women think, “I’ll have to spend all my time in the gym". Actually, lifting with free weights 30 to 45 minutes is all one needs. Consider two to three weight training sessions per week and frequent cardio sessions in between for the best results. However, we all have busy lives and there are times when we cannot visit the gym as frequently as we would like. If that is the case, lift pretty intensely with little rest for about an hour.  Seek out a weight lifting group fitness class at your gym if you lack direction.  There is always a way to cater weight training into your schedule!

Lose Weight With Weight Training

Strength training has incredible benefits for women. It has been repeatedly shown to assist in reducing PMS and depression, strengthen the immune system response, keep blood pressure at a healthy level, strengthen the heart and improve confidence as well as strength, balance, and muscle tone improvement. It is also great for our bones, for bone density is greatly improved and those of us smaller boned girls can stave off osteoporosis.  So what are you waiting for? Tone up, girls!

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