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Today, there are plenty of safe forms of birth control such as the pill and IUDs that are proven to work... but women over the years have used some not-so-normal ways to protect themselves against unwanted pregnancy; some even being very dangerous and others, well, you can’t help but laugh.

Some women have inserted thimbles prior to intercourse to prevent incoming sperm, drank mercury and even used opium diaphragms. What’s the craziest form of birth control you’ve ever heard of? 

5 Craziest Forms of Birth Control

Potatoes: Not only do they go great with meatloaf, reports say that a woman in Brazil had to have potatoes removed from her vaginal canal after reportedly inserting them before sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy. 

Onion water: Women would mash onions in water and drink it to prevent pregnancy. Hmmm…onion breath should be enough birth control. 

Lead: Probably one of the worst forms of birth control…ever! Women would drink water filled with lead to prevent pregnancy. 

Coca Cola: In the 1960s, women used to douche with Coca Cola and other sodas because they thought it would work as a spermicide. Well, experts say it doesn’t work even though we know soda disintegrates our teeth, it doesn’t affect the little swimmers. 

Pig intestines: The oldest of condoms were made from pig intestines. They used to soak them in warm milk to make them softer and suppler. 

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