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long-commutes-lead-to-weight-gainCommuting and Weight Gain a Reality

Commuting.  Some of us would rather be humiliated by Simon on American Idol than drive our daily commutes.  And if the stressful, tedious driving isn't enough, now many of us are facing the sad reality that our clothing is getting tighter.  All that time in the car seemingly enables us to perhaps, eat fast food or get stressed out about all those inept drivers on the road.  And the stress of driving and commuting ups our blood pressure and increases the level of the stress hormone, cortisol, making it very easy to gain weight.  So what are some alternatives?  Some would say road rage is the answer, pulling people out of their cars and literally wrestling them into submission and taking their car keys.  But as fat as we are getting, we don't want to end up on the nightly news as a statistic.  Here is helpful information on commuting and weight gain, and ways to keep the fat off.

us-health-care-spending-highHealth Care Expenses High

We all need health care and many of us, sadly either don't have it, or have to pay an astronomical amount for it.  The scary thing is that recently a new report stated that even though we are spending more on health care, we might not be getting the quality treatment we need.  Americans are plunking down more money for health care than 12 other nations, and spending more on health care doesn't mean we are getting better treatment than those countries.   We are struggling.  We are confused.  But it is always good to know the latest on health care research.  Here is some information you may find helpful.

interesting-facts-about_dreamsWhy We Dream

We've all had them.  Flat out nightmares, or good dreams.  And when we awaken from a dream or nightmare, we are either relieved or disappointed.  When we fall asleep, our body is at rest.  But that does not mean our heads are.  During the rapid eye movement cycle of our sleep, the cells of our brains fire away, sending energy that helps develop those dreams, whether good ones or bad ones.  The phenomenon of dreams, why we dream what we dream has long been a mystery.  And researchers have long delved into figuring out what makes us dream the way we do.  Studies have gone on forever and scientists have come up with new research on why we dream.

facebook-promoting-organ-donationFacebook and Organ Donations

Just when we thought social media couldn't get any more complicated, Facebook announced that they are poised to be a major player in organ donations for people that need transplants to save their lives.  Don't get us wrong, any way we can help with organ donations to save lives is good.  And we suppose this was coming.  Along with the social media hype comes creative ways in which to use it.  And what better way to save lives than with organ donation.  It's just that it seems a bit weird, given what we have used Facebook for in the past.  However, technology is always changing and growing, and Women's Forum is dedicated to let you know what is going on with Facebook and organ donations.

travel-workout-tipsWeight Gain and Travel

As many of us know, vacation can be a time of overindulgence, whether it be with food, drink, being too sedentary or just plain ambivalence. But vacations don't have to get us off the path from our workouts and healthy habits.  There are simple ways to keep our travel fitness workouts strong and prevent weight gain while we play.  Exercise should not stop just because we are away from familiarity.  Following are five quick tips to keep your body rockin' during vacations and time away from home.