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alzheimers-treatment-music-therapyAlzeime'rs Disease and Music

Unfortunately for some of us, alzheimer's disease is all too familiar.  It may be a grandparent.  It may be a parent.  And researchers are working hard to find a cure, to figure out what causes alzheimer's disease.  Recently it has been shown that when music is played, alzheimer's patients wake up and come back to the present, to reality.  This is also known as music therapy for alzheimer's disease patients. When we hear a song from the past we remember how old we were and where we were in our lives, for the most part.  The book and movie, The Notebook spells out the effects of alzheimer's disease on families.  A tear-jerker, it is a must see for women and men alike.

being-happy-and-putting-yourself-firstWomen wear many hats; We are wives, sisters, mothers, friends... the list goes on and on. We spend so much time being wives or mothers that we forget we are people. Instead, we often spend so much time taking care of others and we forget about taking care of ourselves. Yes, our families have needs. However, so do we. It's great to want to take care of everyone else, but we have to look after our own health, wellness, happiness, and confidence if we want to be at our best.

lyme-disease-preventionHow Do You Get Lyme Disease

Warmer months bring outdoor activity.  And with that comes the reminder to pull out the bug repellent and sunscreen!  As much as we love the sun, the flowers blooming and the greenery, the irritating reality is that the bugs and ticks that spread lyme disease are coming too.  And some of them can pose a threat to our health if we are bitten.  The blacklegged tick is one of the insects we should be on the lookout for, because it can spread Lyme disease.

new-treatmentsIf you or someone you know is about to undergo laparoscopic surgery in order to lose weight, a new medical device is set to revolutionize how the surgery is done.

The Spider Surgical System takes what has traditionally been a 3-5 incision procedure and reduced it to one small incision the belly button. Typically laparoscopic surgery is a popular method for bariatric sleeve procedures in order to help people reduce excessive weight quickly and safely.

synthetic-marijuanaStudies Show Synthetic Marijuana is Just Dangerous

Fake marijuana products are gaining in popularity because most of the time they don't show up on a routine drug test.  And the manufacturers claim that this "pseudo" marijuana is made of 100% organic herb mixtures, leaving our children to think they are safe and natural.  But that couldn't be further from the truth.  None of us wants to imagine our teen trying marijuana, let alone synthetic versions.  We try hard to ingrain the natural law of taking care of our bodies and being responsible.  But the reality is we never know what can happen when they are with their peers. And there is rising concern as we see more and more of our teens in emergency rooms with elevated heart rates or even having heart attacks from marijuana.