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longevity-calculatorCan We Live Beyond One Hundred Years?

Living a full and lengthy life is a goal for just about everyone. There are some key ways to do it right. There are also things to avoid that may take years off of your life. Thankfully, by using the internet for just a few minutes, you can test your own lifestyle with a longevity calculator and see just how long you may live.

getting-a-handle-on-your-timeFive Ways to Simplify Your Life Today 

In this world of multitasking and media overload, time management can be a constant struggle for many of us. With packed schedules and a proclivity to procrastinate, it's all too easy to get overwhelmed. An inability to manage time effectively can quickly ruin your confidence and productivity. This New Year, getting a handle on your time is crucial, and you can tame the scheduling mayhem with these five ways to simplify your life today.  

back-painBack pain debilitates Americans to the tune of nearly 55 BILLION dollars each year and the cost outlay has insurance companies reeling...well, I would imagine does...

There is an 83 percent chance that if you are over 40 and you are reading this right now, you have already experienced a debilitating form of back pain. And even though I can only stand Las Vegas for about 24 hours on a good day, these are odds I would gladly take with me the next time I happen to be there.

what-is-a-comprehensive-physical-examMedical Checkups for Preventative Care

It used to be that people to annual checkups seriously. Going to the doctor once a year was something you just did. In the past few decades, well patient visits to doctors have declined dramatically. This is certainly due in part to the rising costs of health care. Fewer insurance companies are willing to pay for annual checkups, and people are generally less interested to going to the doctor. Exactly what is a comprehensive physical exam, and is it really important?


I was talking with one of my lady friends the other day and she suggested that I might want to explore this topic of birth control and contraceptives.

'There’s a lot of misinformation out there about it and women are faced with a lot of choices that might at first glance seem viable, but on further research, may not be.’