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sisterhood-of-the-grape-and-grainNow that we’re heading into the holiday season (I still don’t have a viable costume for Halloween), I thought it might be a good time to touch on a topic that has historically been one of those very touchy ones for women. Alcohol. There was a time in the not-too -distant past when the term alcoholism held an enormous stigma for women. Polite ladies in society simply did not do it, and if they did, they were branded with that awful ‘S’ word, whether true or not. Thankfully, things have changed to a large degree from the pioneering work done by women like Betty Ford who had no other choice but to quit drinking. Rather than get into a ‘are you an alcoholic?’ discussion in this week’s blog, I thought I’d take the far simpler approach and just extol the hazards to your health as a woman from alcohol.

anxiety-and-stressNatural Ways to Relieve Stress at Home

Suffering from anxiety and stress is one of the top health ailments that millions of people are currently suffering from. Children and adults are aiming to cope with their daily stressors and have a more pleasant tomorrow. Thankfully, there are tons of ways to start curbing your mental stress right at home with completely natural methods.

how-eating-affects-sleepThe Importance of Sleep

Sleep is something, without a fraction of a doubt, you must have on a regular basis. Some people can handle functioning on just a few hours of shut eye each night, but that is not recommended because a lack in sleep can lead to many other health ailments. What you are consuming each day in calories can be as issue. Are you aware of how eating affects sleep?

positive-attitude-adjustmentFighting to See the Silver Lining in Daily Life

The daily grind can get a lot of people down. It's really easy to get caught up in the routine and the demands of life and forget all of the goodness that is out there. Rest assured, it is still out there. Positivity hasn't changed. It's the attitude of the individual that needs to change. Those looking to get more out of life often need a positive attitude adjustment first.

infertility-and-your-stress-levelIt is generally well known that stress can have a negative impact on a couple’s chances of conception, even under the best of circumstances. When those circumstances include the difficulty of getting pregnant, well, it can make the stress levels rise, which only adds to the difficult circumstances, which thereby, has an ever increasing negative impact on fertility. After a while if not addressed, the couple can feel like a hamster in a wheel.