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how-eating-affects-sleepThe Importance of Sleep

Sleep is something, without a fraction of a doubt, you must have on a regular basis. Some people can handle functioning on just a few hours of shut eye each night, but that is not recommended because a lack in sleep can lead to many other health ailments. What you are consuming each day in calories can be as issue. Are you aware of how eating affects sleep?

infertility-and-your-stress-levelIt is generally well known that stress can have a negative impact on a couple’s chances of conception, even under the best of circumstances. When those circumstances include the difficulty of getting pregnant, well, it can make the stress levels rise, which only adds to the difficult circumstances, which thereby, has an ever increasing negative impact on fertility. After a while if not addressed, the couple can feel like a hamster in a wheel.

how-to-overcome-jealousyTips on How to Overcome Jealousy

Jealous. Even the word alone makes some cringe. Take it for what it is, there are always going to be people out there that you come into contact with that may have a more extravagant life than you. Thankfully, instead of getting upset over the reality of the situation, there are many tips on how to overcome jealousy.

what-causes-hair-lossPremature Hair Loss

Hair loss is a given for many men. Some fight it with a bad comb over or cheesy toupees. Others accept it gracefully and shave their heads in anticipation of going totally bald. But, what about a woman who is losing her hair? Hair loss for women is a deeply emotional issue that affects both physical and mental health. What cases hair loss, and what can you do about it?