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Whoops! Did it Again

If you find yourself suddenly revisiting an old addiction or habit that you thought you were finally rid of... "Hang on a minute," you scream! "What are you talking about? An addiction relapse?! Please! I don't want to go there."  An addiction relapse, like all relapses, is simply falling back into old patterns of thinking, acting or feeling. 

depression-women-170hGender Differences and How Depression Affects Women

There are psychological diagnoses that seem to affect one gender or another at a greater rate. Men have a much larger chance of contracting schizophrenia than do women. On the other hand, it seems that there is a significant link between women and depression. This infers that the incidence of clinical depression occurs in women at a much greater rate than it does with men.


How Can I Know When I Am Getting Stressed Out

When the job, the kids and the world in general have become too much to handle is not the time to discover that your stress threshold has been breached. Stress is not something that comes on all at once. Like any disease it is slow growing and reaches a climax at some indeterminate point. It is imperative that you pay attention to the stress warning signs before something serious and irreversible occurs.

woman-heart-panic-attack-170hAre a Panic Attack and a Heart Attack Similar?

Some situations will cause anyone to feel extreme anxiety. Seeing a child unheedingly following a ball towards a busy street, mounting the top of the first hill of a large roller coaster, or extreme turbulence when aboard an airplane cause almost anyone's heart to pound more rapidly, and respirations to become rapid and shallow.  But, there are instances when, without warning, these same feelings will intrude in an otherwise calm day. A moment that was serene changes within minutes and agitation and fright ensue.  What does a panic attack feel like? The following paragraphs will initiate the reader to a phenomenon, the causes of which are varied and unpredictable.

women_alcoholAlcohol Abuse and Mis-Use is an Equal Opportunity Problem

It is estimated that four-million women in the United States consume alcohol in a very unhealthy manner.  In both men and women, alcohol abuse is a predictable drinking behavior in which alcohol is consumed dangerously for both the drinker, and others around the drinker.