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wf-blogger-visits-abc-the-chew-setYesterday, I had the privilege of being in the audience on The Chew. My sister called me and said she had won 4 tickets and wondered if we could have a mother/daughter day.

For those of you not familiar, The Chew is a show broadcast on ABC, 1pm E.S.T. It’s hosts include Carla Hall who was a competitor on Top Chef, Clinton Kelly who hosted What Not to Wear, Daphne Oz who wrote the bestseller The Dorm Room Diet for college students wanting to lose weight (also Dr. Oz’s daughter), Mario Batali world famous chef, and Michael Symon who was the star on the Food Network, Iron Chef America.  It is a food show that is very fast paced and relies on the chemistry between the hosts to present a real-life guide to cooking and tasting.  It is like The View, except it is about food and eating, thus The Chew.

Approaching one of the people on the set, I explained that I was a Mom Blogger, which was right next to the President of the United States in the V.I.P. list, and that I would be writing an article about today's show. He smiled kindly and offered me an opportunity to be part of a seven person-tasting panel. I jumped at the chance, only to realize they were serving Salmon. Darn it, I’m allergic to seafood, so I was out.

About thirty minutes later, they let us into a small studio (100 guests?) where we watched the pre show coming and going's on a  dream kitchen set. A comedian, R.C. Smith, was there to warm up the audience. He was so funny, that I found myself belly laughing out loud, much to my sister’s chagrin.  Maybe now I could get over the Salmon?

Once the show began, the DJ rocked the set playing music that drew Carla into the audience dancing, doing shoulder rolls, moon walking, and engaging with all of us. You could see that she LOVED to dance, loved the cast, loved the audience, and loved her job.

About midway through the taping, my stomach began to rumble. It was moving along slowly for a faced pace show, and I needed to get some food. Apparently, one of the taping machines crapped out. In order to avoid a mass exodus for the one piece of salmon in the center of the stage, the producer came into the audience to talk with the crowd.  It was easy to perform in a show where everything goes smooth, what isn’t easy is keeping an audience that isn’t eating, entertained on a food show for 2 ½ hours while machinery is being fixed.

Despite my hunger, my disposition had softened. After all, I was on a juice diet, which meant I was familiar with the hunger pangs. One by one, everyone on the set joined Gordon, integrating with the audience. Gordon took Carla’s hand and ballroom danced across the set. Carla continued her antics shimmying up and down behind the cameraman, evoking laughter from everyone on and off the set. I watched as the division between crew and audience dimmed with  help from the comedian who brought us together.  Although I enjoyed the cast, as a mom with a marketing background, I began thinking that there was something missing. It was easy for a chef to prepare food, but what they needed was a mom to test run the recipes. They also needed everyday mom tips to get us through one of the MOST stressful hours in the day.

Gordon, the producer, kindly asked everyone how they were enjoying the “new” show and if anyone had any questions. Should I do it? I raised my hand.

“HI! I am a writer/mom blogger/columnist, www.lifewithwendy.com, and I would like to know why a show that has an audience of millions of moms around the world,, doesn’t have a mom as part of your hosting panel?”

Silence. Uh oh, maybe I had crossed a boundary.

“Were you thinking… you?” he asked.

“Yes.” I can’t believe I just said that. 

“Good question. Call Diane and she will arrange something. We will have a panel of moms tasting on the show. Consider it done.”

To think, this was the only day I had walked out of my house and left my business cards behind. The quote life is what happens when you are making plans took on a new meaning. Maybe this could be an opportunity to reach out to millions of moms across the globe, and live my dream. Then again, maybe it would be another fun visit, hopefully minus the salmon.


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