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what-are-fibrous-tumors-headerWhat Do Lumpy Breasts Mean?

A surprisingly large number of women have lumpy breasts. Sometimes the lumps can cause pain. Lumps in the breast are not necessarily cancerous.  They are often a sign of fibrocystic breast tissue caused by benign fibrous tumors. Still sounds scary so what are fibrous tumors?

Do Lumpy Breasts Mean You Are Prone To Breast Cancer?

Many women, particularly in first world countries, get lumpy breasts. The lumps are often caused by cysts or fibrous tumors that develop in the natural breast tissue. Sometimes they can be very painful.

What are fibrous tumors?  They are not cancerous but can be a cause for concern. Often the lumps come and go according to the menstrual cycle in the same way that the breasts swell and go back to normal. Fibrocystic breast lumps can happen at any age from the teens and twenties to after menopause.

It is important to do regular self exams of the breasts. This is particularly helpful if lumps in the breasts tend to appear. Detecting lumps means taking a few minutes each day to examine the breasts visually and by touch to see any changes. See a doctor immediately if there is something abnormal detected. Get second and third opinions if necessary. Many people have been diagnosed with malign breast lumps only after seeing two or three different specialists.

Over the last 20 years or so studies have linked breast lumps to bras. Fibrocystic breast lumps are almost exclusively prevalent in cultures where women wear bras for most of the time. Often, it's because the bra is too tight, is not a good fit and pinches the breast. Push-up bras are the worst offenders since they tend to squeeze and push the breast into an unnatural shape. When the breasts are constricted, the lymph nodes around the breast can't easily flush out toxins. Toxins are what encourage cysts. If painful breast lumps occur, try getting properly fitting bras. Try going without a bra. Avoid wearing bras to bed or around the home. Give the breasts a bit of downtime. Always do at least a monthly self breast exam and get an annual checkup by a doctor.

Studies have shown there a link between benign breast lumps and an increased risk of  cancerous breast tumors. There is no conclusive evidence to suggest that cysts necessarily turn into cancerous tumors. Women who get lumpy breasts at an early age seem to be more prone to developing breast cancer later on in life. A woman prone to lumpy breasts should regularly exam the breasts for abnormalities. Regular medical checks are also wise especially if a history of breast cancer is  in the family history.

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