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What are we having for dinner tonight? It's the age-old question. Well, what are you in the mood for? Let us introduce our super easy dinner mood picker to help you get rid of the guesswork and give your family a comforting meal for any occasion that you can whip up even on the busiest weeknights.

Choose what you're craving below by selecting each of the photos depending on how you're feeling  to enjoy our mood-specific playlists and outsider cooking tips that make mealtimes a breeze.

16803-comfort-foodMood: Comfort Food

Need a heartwarming, home cooked meal after a long day? Even if the day wasn't rough, sometimes you just need something tasty and satisfying for dinnertime. This mood shows you that creating a memorable family dinner doesn't have to be difficult. Plus, we offer awesome tips and techniques that will make your dinner that much comforting. And to top that off, we've included a fun playlist that your family can listen while cooking the dinner - just click on the image! Plus see some tips on cutting down on prep so you can spend more time with the fam! 


Mood: Spicy Food

Are you craving something with a little pizzazz? Sometimes life needs a little spice, and that includes dinnertime. Instead of bothering with ultra-hot spices, we've offered other solutions that will amp up that meal in no time. While creating this zesty dish, we've got a fun playlist with salsa and flamenco music that gives any at-home chef a spice to life (Just click on the image!) Go bold with your dinnertime with bold flavors that take no time to get on the table. Plus, we've got red-hot tips on creating the delicious meal your family will love!


Mood: Quick And Easy

Have no time but a lot of mouths to feed? When a busy mom finds herself in this situation, she shouldn't rush out and buy up some greasy fast food. Instead, we are offering an easy recipe, helpful tips and a great playlist to help when an at-home cook is in need that you can get by clicking on the image! So, whip up a scrumptious hearty meal that takes next-to-no time to make and will become a go-to for any busy home cook! Plus our tips will make it even faster to put that meal on the table.


Mood: Something Light

Is someone in the family watching their waist-line? Get your family heart healthy but still fill those tummies with this delicious recipe. It's easy to use and super yummy, we promise! Plus we've added some ultra-zen music that can calm any cook from the usual controlled chaos of everyday life that you can listen to by clicking on the image. So go ahead, and help your dieting family out while keeping the flavors fresh and delicious. Check out our cooking technique tips for taking your light meal to the next level.

16803-anything-goesMood: Anything Goes

Still stumped? We've got the answer. Our Pantry Pal tool picks ingredients that are already in your pantry that you can use to whip up delicious heartwarming meals without taking a trip to the grocery store! Also, we've got super helpful tips and tool suggestions that make this stumpful meal into a no brainer. And if that isn't enough, we've included an awesome playlist full of music suited to your mood - all available when you click on the image! So when your loved ones ask, "what's for dinner?" You just whip out that handy Pantry Pal and your problems are solved!

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