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what-causes-allergiesTo be or not to be allergic? That is the question.

Allergies are one of those things that can sneak up on you out of no where. Sometimes finding out that you have an allergy can be a surprise. It’s understandable to know what causes them, but Dr. Harold Kaiser of the University of Minnesota Medical School said the cause of allergies is complex. Make sense of it all in these facts about the cause of allergies.

Facts about What Causes Allergies

Allergies really depend on genetic potential or inheritance and exposure to said organism or food. For instance, if an individual has the potential to become allergic to ragweed and they live in California where there is no ragweed, that person would not manifest an allergic reaction. But, if that same person was to live in the Midwest and has the potential to be allergic to ragweed, then the exposure to ragweed may or may not result in an allergic reaction.

There is really no explanation as to why said Dr. Kaiser. Some people just have the potential to develop allergies while others don’t. One thing is for sure though, two necessary things are the genetic potential or what’s inherited and the repeated exposure to said organism to have an allergy.


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