what-causes-grey-hair-and-how-to-get-rid-of-itWant to nix those pesky grey hairs? Use these tips!

While scientists were researching vitiligo, the skin-lightening condition Michael Jackson said bleached his skin, they came across another shocking discovery. Not only did researchers find a connection on how to possibly get rid of those stubborn grey strands, but the process is simple and natural. 


It turns out that hydrogen peroxide builds up in the root of your hair and has the amazing skill to eventually bleach itself in a process called an “antioxidant cocktail," making it the main culprit of growing grey hairs. 

Researchers tested their theory on patients who have vitiligo, giving them a medicine, pseudocatalase, that transitioned the color of their skin and eyelashes to its natural shades. The experts think the same process could be used to reserve grey hair.

There’s a catch (isn’t there always?). They say it only has the potential to work on people with vitiligo. But, in case you wanted natural ways to get rid of grey hair, here are a few tips.

How To Remove Grey Hair

  • Stay away from colors/henna on your hair whether the ingredients are harmful or not. 
  • Keep a balanced diet: Eating lots of oranges, peanuts, strawberries and almonds are great foods that combat grey hair.
  • Embrace the supplements: Take anti-aging vitamins help balance the effects of hydrogen peroxide.

Unlike old times, grey hair isn’t just associated with the elderly. But, these tips will help enhance your young, vibrant looks at any age.

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