what-color-to-wear-2See what colors will compliment you and your style! Many of us love to shop! Yet when you get home, you may find the clothes you bought don't match with the rest of your wardrobe or even you anymore. 

You may then wear the item again, but soon it finds itself sitting in the closet and becoming a waste of money. It could be that perhaps that the garment was not a good color on you to begin with! Here are some considerations with color and how to have clothes look good on you and this comes down to shopping for the best color for you.

Wearing the Best Colors for You

When shopping at the clothing stores, you will see many colors that are reflective of the trends of the season.  Perhaps the new trend is mint green, or even red, black, or colors that resemble a highlighter (can we say 80s?). Clothing and accessory color trends are evident when you visit a department store. However, just because certain colors are "in," doesn't mean that the color looks well on you.  Here are some helpful hints for wearing the right color.

  • Best Color for Red Heads and Strawberry Blondes: The tint of your natural hair and the undertones of your skin are tell tale indicators of which colors you should wear. If your hair has red or gold in it, then look for the warmer colors out there, meaning, golds, oranges, hunter or lime greens and the yellow-based reds and blues. If you are one of the unique ones that has naturally dark red hair, then seek out the "muddied" browns, greens, oranges and yellows. A good test of color for those of you red heads and strawberry blonds is to check the color against your face. If your face goes pale when the color is up against you, then it is the wrong color; for it is washing you out. If your face fills with color when the garment is placed next to your face, then you have hit the jackpot. And as much as you like black, choose a yellow-based brown instead as your neutral. Black can be very harsh looking on you.
  • Best Color to Wear for Blondes and Brunettes:  Depending on skin tone and freckles, you are best sticking to the blue-based colors or cool colors. Stay away from hunter green, lime green, oranges and mustard yellows. Take great care in selecting your reds.  A "fire engine" red may overpower a blond; for the eye will go to the color before looking at your face.  But at the same time, a brunette may wear the color well, especially if she has brown eyes. The lighter the hair and eyes, the lighter the color should be, otherwise the color will overpower the person.  Now there are brown-haired girls that can wear the colors that the red heads and strawberry blonds wear. A good test to see if that is true, is to check your moles or freckles. Reddish freckles are indicative of brunettes going for the warm colors that the redheads and strawberry girls wear. Taupe colored moles shows that you should be wearing the above cool - toned colors.

The best way to tell which colors are good is to ask yourself this question:  "What colors am I complimented on," and "Which colors do I feel good in?"  The right color will fill your lips with color, brighten up your skin, and make the whites of your eyes whiter, giving the illusion of a face lift.  And you will find that you need less makeup and preparation time as you get ready to go out in the world.

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