What-Decade-Is-Your-Style1Photo Credit: Corbis, Vanessa Jackman, The CW

Ever feel like you were born in the wrong decade? Is your closet filled with vintage clothing, all from the same time period?

More than ever fashion has embraced styles from past, allowing everyone to channel their favorite decades. It has become a trend of no trends, basically instead of creating new styles, designers are updating the old ones. Retailer too are joining in on the fun with vintage-inspired pieces that don’t have that vintage store smell.

Are you inspired to go back in the past to find your favorite fashion decade ? WomensForum is here to help. We have created a Decade Style Picker to help you find out your true fashion personality. Are you a 70’s Boho Babe, an 80’s Valley Girl, a 90’s Alternative Goddess or an early 00’s Fly Honey?

Read the descriptions below to decide.

1970's Boho Babe

What-Decade-Is-Your-Style5Photo Credit: Vogue Australia.com, Getty, Corbis, Vanessa Jackman

Do you find yourself dreaming about dancing to Hendrix at Woodstock? Are you more comfortable in flowy, loose clothing than tight and sexy pieces?

Then you are a 1970’s Boho Babe. Click on the picture above to learn how to accessorize your inner bohemian.

1980's Valley Girl

What-Decade-Is-Your-Style4Photo Credit: Listal.com, Corbis, Glamradar.com, Richard Avedon

Do you ever find yourself sprouting catchy sayings like “totally” or “gag me with a spoon?” When you buy a sweatshirt, do you automatically cut it so it falls of a shoulder?

Then you are an 1980's Valley Girl. Click on the picture to get the 411 on how to dress in, a like, totally boss way.

1990's Alternative Goddess

What-Decade-Is-Your-Style3Photo Credit: Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, WireImage

Often find yourself in vintage store bins searching for the largest plaid button-up possible? Have dyed your hair unnatural colors more than twice this month?

You are a 1990's Alternative Goddess. Click on the picture to learn how to channel your inner Alt babe.

2000's Fly Honey

What-Decade-Is-Your-Style2Photo Credit: Laurenconrad.com, The CW, Rex Features, Sodahead.com

Have an affinity for both rock, pop and R&B? Do you often find yourself wearing tracksuits for non-workout occasions?

You are a 2000's Fly Honey. Click on the picture above to learn how to be more fly than ever before.

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