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To some, love is a bouquet of sunflowers hand delivered on a gloomy day. To others, love is a warm hand to hold or a sweet smile on their child's face. For the past two weeks, we've been asking our readers a variety of love-themed questions to get into the spirit of Valentine's Day. We've read through all the comments and picked out all of our favorites, which we'd now like to share with you. There's no one definition of what love is or what it looks like, but there is one constant. Love is what connects us all.


"The best valentines day I have ever had was in 1989! I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy!! Every since then February 14th has been his birthday, not valentine's day in our household. I have valentine's day everyday because my husband and boys show they love me EVERYDAY!" - Paula P.

"Receiving handmade cards & gifts from my children when they were little." - Amy M. 

"My Wedding Day!" - Vicky C. 

"Having my daughter and bringing her home on Valentine's day." - Lisa M. 

"A good friend bought me a big cupcake." - Sheri B.  


"We went to a taco fest and rode on camels." - Terry L.

"Picnic in the woods which lead to a proposal." - Eloise G.

"Blind date on a motorcycle and I married him 3 years later." - Corie W. 

"We went to a bridge completely laced in beautiful flowers- I had never seen anything like it...very romantic." - Tracey K.

"Few years ago we went to dinner then he saw i was wearing uncomfortable shoes and he bought me comfortable shoes." - Ann H. 

"My best date ever when I was dating my husband and he cooked for me for the very first time." - Elandia F.

"I went on a double date to a fancy French restaurant in Barrington. Good friends, good wine, an amazing dinner & a chocolate mousse for 4 to die for. I haven't forgotten it in 36 years. The bill was outrageous (in the hundreds) but worth every penny. Of course I wasn't paying. I married my date & if he wanted to spend that money on one dinner now, I'd kill him." - Teresa D. 

"When I was taken to this gourmet burger place, built my own burger, it was so juicy, delicious, and perfect. Oh, the guy was okay. But that burger, yum!" - Stephanie A. 

"I will never forget it! My date made me a spaghetti dinner. Just him and I. It was so sweet and romantic. He did a great job. Been married now for almost 24 years." - Kim R. 

"When I went on a party boat with my husband who I met on The train. He was the conductor." - Sandy S. 


"Somewhere out there, but I'm okay with burgers and cake for now." - Stephanie A.

"My college girlfriends." - Mandie L. 

"Myself." - Debz L.

"COFFEE!" - Gena G. 


"I couldn't stop thinking about him." - Candy M.

"I fell in love with his picture. He was in the Air Force. I was 14 and in school. 2 years later July 7, 1956 we were married. We are still married, even though God took him 5 years ago. Loved him then, love him now, love him forever. My sweet Don." - Martha R. 

"I first saw my son!" - Marcia S. 

"Looked at me and smiled. I knew before he even said one word he was mine." - Courtney V.

"I looked in his eyes and saw his soul. I will love him forever!" - Tina L.

"When he made my daughter smile." - Bryanna W.

"When he opened my car door!" - Elizabeth P. 


"Communication, trust, no cheating, honesty, a lot of compromising, loving and making sacrifices for one another." - Michelle A.

"We have been married for 53 years. When married, my mother told us one thing and that was not to go to bed mad, always work it out before bedtime. Marriage is not a 50/50, it is a 100/100 always have good communication, talk, talk and talk some [more] and always make time for yourselves." - Brenda R. 

"Communication, laughter, compromise." - Stephanie A. 

"With a lot of work and always being present. Honesty, trust, love and communication. May will be 25 years for us and it hasn't always been easy but it has always been worth it." - Kellie B. 

"By focusing on all the good you saw and fell in love with in your partner." - Fio D. 

"Trust, honesty and not taking each other for granted. Working hard every day to keep it like it was the first day you met. It can be done." - Nickster S.

"Beer." - Amanda B. 

"By honesty. By true love. By endurance. By still wanting and wanting to be with the person You choose to be with. Simply being in it to win it with your spouse and not trying to fix whatever problems with outside intrusions. Facts/Real Talk." - Lorraine G.

"By keeping the vows the two of you made." - Darlene P. 

"LAUGHTER! is the number one most important thing to keeping a marriage." - Tilla H. 

"Separate bathrooms...." - Lisa D.


"My son! He was born on Valentine's day! The best gift ever for me." - Marcela I. 

"My boyfriend surprised me by hiding a giant hot pink Teddy Bear in the driver's side of my sporty Roadrunner car. Teddy hung around for many years. He welcomed both my daughters to their nursery when they came home for the 1st time. They liked that their Daddy had bought their Mommy such a big big bear. Valentine bear attended many tea parties over the years and is a beloved memory for my family." - Teresa D.

"Love." - Jackie H. 

"A yellow diamond heart and a Michelle Michelle watch on the same night." - Angel A. 

"I got a teddy bear that fit into my hand with 6 roses delivered to me at work. From a man I was in love with but, never once thought he would do a "Valentine's " thing." - Tina A. 

"A love letter from my kids." - ChickiLobo M.

"My then friend, now husband, drove 22 hours round trip just to take me to dinner for Valentine's Day." - Rebekah F.

"A big surprising smile on my kids' faces when they came home from school and saw that I had decorated my apartment with hearts, balloons and a teddy near for them." - Emily B.

"I found out we were pregnant with out first child!" - Jessica K.

"An "I love you" from the person I loved and adored! It's in the eyes and the heart that truly holds the gift!" - Melinda M.

"My son coming home on leave and not knowing it!" - Julie J. 

"A home made video from my husband." - Simone S. 


"Loving myself is true love." - Brittany M.

"Being able to be yourself completely with that other person...freedom within yourself." - Lauren H. 

"My kids." - Erin C. 

"Accepting that I am loveable." - Patricia F. 

"Never giving up on someone and staying loyal." - Chelcie M. 

"Being married for 24 years and not killing each other." - Tammy J. 

"Holding my husband's hand and smooching him in public... Before me he didn't do PDA!" - Melissa M. 

"Laughter." - Christine M. 

"Someone I trust with everything feel safe and happy with and lights up my life with just his voice." - Maria B. 

"Seeing the imperfect perfectly." - Tina L.

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