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sleeping-positions-headerWant to find out how your significant other really feels about you?

Check out the way he sleeps when you’re in the same bed! A new study has revealed that how you sleep says a lot about your relationship. Experts at the University of Hertfordshire surveyed 1,000 people. In the study they discovered that couples who stay in physical contact with each other throughout the night often have happier relationships. 

In fact, 94 percent of the couples who do keep that contact said they are pleased. However, only 68 percent who did not touch said they were happy.

Also, not being physically in sync with each other while sleeping often indicates there is an emotional separation as well. Twelve percent of the couples said they keep less than an inch between them and their partner. Out of that number 86 percent said they were happy.

For the two percent of the couples who said they sleep nearly 3 feet apart, 66 percent said they were happy. 

42 percent of couples tend to sleep back to back, making it the most popular position, while 31 percent prefer to face the same direction and just four percent sleep face to face.

A Fun Fact:

Sociable people frequently like to sleep closer to their partner while creative others sleep on their left.

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