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17967 cat owner items header

Having the pleasure of being owned by a cat comes with many perks—a sweet companion that will sit with you when you're sick, meow in agreement while you complain about your terrible boss, and give you unconditional love no matter how long it took you to feed it. We love our cats, and when you love something, you want to give them the best. Any cat owner will want to have these items on hand for their precious kitty.

1. Toys From Cat Dancer

17967 101CatDancer

17967 cat-charmer








It's frustrating to spend tons of money on fancy cat toys, only to have your cat decide it wants to play with a Q-tip that fell out of the trash can instead. If this sounds familiar, then you should look at any of the toys from Cat Dancer. They're super cheap, no-frill cat toys that every cat loves. Seriously, we've never met a cat that hasn't played with the Cat Charmer or the original Cat Dancer, so we know your cat will love them too. 

Get them here.

2. Lotus Cat Tower From The Refined Feline

17967 lotuscattower7







If you are of the belief that you'll spare no expense for your cat, then you need the Lotus Cat Tower from the Refined Feline. At almost six feet tall with four different levels, this is the creme de la creme of cat trees. The best part is it's a beautifully designed tree that will wow your guests and be a piece of cat furniture that you won't be embarrassed to have in your living room. 

Get it here.

3. The Litter Genie

17967 littergenie








Scooping the litter box is a gross but necessary part of owning a cat. You can make it a tad less nasty by getting the Litter Genie, which is similar to the Diaper Genie for kids. For those of you who had human babies a while ago or consider your cats your children, the basic idea of the Litter Genie is it's a container that you scoop the contents of the litter box into, so you can scoop every day without having to take a bag to the trash every single time. There's a bag inside, and once it's full, you cut it using the built-in cutter, tie and toss. Easy peasy. 

Get it here.

4. Neko Birbug

17967 birbug rod









If you want to spend money on cat toys, then the Birbug and Telescoping Rod from Nekochan is definitely the way to go. The lifelike movements of the realistic-looking bug on a fishing-rod-like wand are irresistible to felines. Be careful, though—you can't leave this toy out for your cat to find when you're not able to play because it will carry the toy around and treat it like a real bug (e.g., try to tear it apart or eat it). 

Get it here.

5. Cat Litter Trapper

17967 littertrapper








Sometimes you adopt a cat that's very courteous and doesn't make a mess after leaving the litter box, and other times you adopt a cat that decides the litter is better tracked all over your floors. If you have the latter kind of cat, then the Cat Litter Trapper is something you need. It's a durable mat that will trap the litter from your cat's feet as it exits and whatever it kicks out, and the mat is easily cleaned with the faucet or hose. The Cat Litter Trapper is apparently worth the price, with 87 percent of the almost 2,000 reviews on Amazon giving this product five stars. 

Get it here.

6. The Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed

17967 sleepypod carrier








Among the only cat carriers that have passed crash safety tests, the Sleepypod is the cat carrier to buy if you travel with your cat (even if it's just to the vet twice a year). Not only is it supercool looking, but it also doubles as a bed when you're not traveling, which makes your cat feel even more comfortable when it's forced to leave your home. 

Get it here.

7. The NoBowl Feeding System

17967 nobowl









Cats are natural hunters. When they become house pets, however, they lose the ability to hunt and catch their food because we feed them. The NoBowl Feeding System was created by a veterinarian, Dr. Liz Bales, and it aims to give cats the thrill of the hunt back in a safe and healthy way. Not only is it great for cats that need to lose some weight, but it's also perfect for cats that get bored when their owners are gone all day. The NoBowl started as a Kickstarter campaign and earned $100,000 more than its $36,000 goal. 

Get it here.

8. Merry Products Pet House and Litter Box

17967 pet house litter box








If looking at an unsightly litter box grosses you out, then you might want to invest in a litter box cover, like the Pet House and Litter Box from Merry Products. It's cute, functional and keeps that stinky thing out of sight. Just as a reminder, though, some cats don't like to have their litter boxes covered, and might not use this product. It might be worth purchasing a cheap cover for your litter box to see if your cat still uses it before you spend the money on something nicer.

Get it here.

9. Cat-Man-Doo Bonito Flakes

17967 XL-Bonito-1oz









You want to feed your cat the best, right? That doesn't just stop at meal time. Try treating your cat to Bonito Flakes from Cat-Man-Doo and they will definitely love you. These fish flakes are from the Bonito fish, a member of the tuna family, and are low in calories. There's nothing added during the drying process, which means you know exactly what you're giving your cat. 

Get it here.

10. Yeowww! Catnip Toys

17967 yeowww Banana








If your cat likes catnip, it will go insane for Yeowww! Catnip. We've seen cats that will steal these toys out of bags, yowl in front of the spot where they're hidden, and simply go nuts rolling around with the toy in their paws. The most popular items are the banana and cigar, but the catnip comes in several different toy varieties as well as loose in containers. 

Get it here.

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