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What Factors Influence Longevity

The Possibilities Keep Expanding We Have Never Lived Longer or Been Healthier

The miracles of modern medicine and advances in science and technology facilitate longer, healthier lives for today's older Americans.  Medical care, science, and technology have their influence, but there are several other factors influencing longevity over previous generations.  Although studies of people who are living longer and in fact, live to be over 100 years of age,

have failed to determine any single specific formula for health and a long life; there is an apparent correlation between genetics, lifestyle choices, and the practice of personal religious faith as factors that influence longevity in the centenarians of United States today.  Developing a plan to age gracefully while we are still young will not stop the changes of time but will control the factors that influence longevity and preserve the effectiveness of our body's healing system.

How To Make the Best of the Years of Your Life

Today women are wondering about nature vs. nurture in factors that influence longevity and the importance of spirituality as a factor in living a long, fruitful life. Nature, or genetic predisposition, is an issue in certain illnesses such as cardiovascular disease which is instrumental in determining expectant life span.  If your parents and grandparents lived into their 80s and 90s, chances are you will too.  We are living longer and healthier than ever before.

Nurture has an influence in longevity because the neglect or abuse a person levys on their body can compromise their defenses against germs and toxins.  This can lead to illness and premature death. Many studies of longevity show a definite connection between conditions in a person's early life and their health and mortality in later life.

Factors that change over a lifespan including ncome and improvement in the availability of public health care are more important,however, than conditions in childhood when determining longevity.  Decisions and actions we take today can affect our quality of life as we mature and age.

Lifestyle matters. This is demonstrated best when looking at strong family ties, healthy eating, and lifelong physical activity levels of the people who live in Okinawa, Japan. Her we find some of the oldest living population in the world.  A survey of American men and women aged 70 and above shows that most centenarians think ahead, have an open positive attitude, eat healthy food, don't smoke, embrace a strong religious faith and cherish their independence.

Managing weight, drinking, smoking and stress levels, are driving factors influencing longevity. Based upon studies by insurance companies, we can benefit physically and financially. insurance providers often reduce their rates for clients who make healthy choices in their lifestyle.  Being a non smoking citizen is now a consideration lowering even such things as your car insurance costs.

Thus we can be among those who age well and appear younger than our years both physically and spiritually. So keep the following list in mind as you make your plan to age gracefully and healthy into your later years.

  • There are several important factors to consider in a plan for longevity.
  • A financial strategy for economic security later in life maintains our standard of living into retirement and lowers stress caused by uncertainity.
  • Healthy food choices that contribute to balanced nutrition controls progression of many diseases and reduces the length of hospital stays.
  • Daily physical activities and early detection screenings prevent or delay some diseases like cancer or heart disease.
  • Cultivating the qualities of a youthful mind connected with spirituality allows for playful, spontaneous, possibilities, prevents depression and dementia, and helps us avoid frailty and dependence as we age.
Many people believe that we can manage aging with laboratory screenings for early detection of illnesses or genes and toxins that predispose one to illness.  It is believed that modifying these factors along with diet and lifestyle changes, nutritional supplements and longevity strategies will help influence longevity.  Healthy behavior today will have an impact later in life because it delays many of the body changes that aging causes.
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