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what-is-33-minutes-worth-headerWhat if you exercised 33 minutes today?

And did it again each day. What would be different about your life 33 days from now? That’s what we’re going to find out. How much of a difference will it make in our lives to decide that we are worth this investment? Here’s what I hope will happen...



1. We’ll get stronger. For little things, like stairs, or big things, like marathons.

I am the least likely person in the world to ever have an exercise blog. After cancer treatment and running a small company, I’ve gained weight and exercise has always come last. So if exercise hasn’t been your thing, there is no way I will be intimidating when it comes to fitness. Assume whatever I do, I'll do it more clumsily than you. Join me now and neither of us will have to do it alone.

2. We’ll get smarter. After 33 days, we'll have found so many creative ways to get exercise that we'll be too clever to be stopped.

I AM a motivation expert, and I design solutions for people and their companies to accomplish what matters to them. I’ve decided that my fitness matters to me. And I’m hoping you’ll decide your fitness matters to you. We’re going to pull out every weapon at our disposal to make it easier to exercise than not to exercise.

3. We’ll get happier. The world is a better place on endorphins, and in clothes that fit.

Hey, if we could make cancer treatment a party, exercise should be a piece of cake. Especially if we do it together and rally each other on.

But you must play to win. Don’t just read this blog. DO this blog with me.

I want to be here to spoil my great grandchildren.

What’s your reason for doing this right now? Introduce yourself in the comments below and inspire us!

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