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what-is-an-alcohol-enemaAlcohol Enemas are Dangerous! 

Just when we learn about another drug that has hit the streets, another method of becoming intoxicated has made the news. An alcohol enema is a new way for teens and college students to get drunk. But, what is an alcohol enema? Just like it sounds, an alcohol enema is when alcohol is inserted into the rectum through a tube like an enema. Since the alcohol is directly and quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, the person becomes intoxicated faster and more intensely. When we drink alcohol, our stomachs produce an enzyme that helps break the drink down, diminishing the toxicity. But when alcohol is placed directly into the rectum, this is not the case.

Alcohol Enema Danger

  • An alcohol enema forces the alcohol to be absorbed through the colon wall. There are no enzymes to break down the alcohol, sending blood alcohol levels to an alarming rate and placing extreme stress on the liver.

  • The latest news surrounding alcohol enemas includes a fraternity out of Tennessee that has been suspended after allegations of the young men taking alcohol enemas. A 20-year-old man was hospitalized with a .40 blood alcohol level, which easily could have been a fatal dose. He is reportedly all right and has returned to classes. Others are not so lucky. In 2004 a Texas man died from alcohol poisoning after taking an alcohol enema. His blood alcohol level was at 0.47.

Why Do Teens Do Alcohol Enemas?

The reasoning behind the choice to do an alcohol enema is that teens believe they can get drunk without being sick or hung over in the morning, but there is true danger in doing do. When the alcohol is inserted into another orifice, the body cannot reject the toxin. And experts say that, yes, you still may throw up the next morning. Once the alcohol has been inserted into the colon the person has to deal with the effects and there is no turning back. In essence, the person cannot just “scale back” alcohol because it has already been absorbed.

Experts on drug and alcohol abuse are saying they have seen a rise in risky behavior from today’s youth, whether it’s vodka tampons, “bath salts” or synthetic marijuana. Kids are looking for quicker ways to catch a “high.”

The rate at which teens are doing alcohol enemas has not been tracked and thankfully, the Tennessee student is all right (although I'm pretty sure he is embarrassed). We need to educate other parents and teens about this relatively “new” practice. College initiation shenanigans and just plain goofing around is common, but these seemingly harmless “games” should not be threatening lives.

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