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what-is-crossfit-how-crossfit-empowers-women-headerMore than just a fitness fad, CrossFit builds strong bodies, minds, attitudes, and women. 

Identify the one thing in your life that empowers you: a single entity that inspires and motives you to be great and better. The best answer is yourself.

CrossFit helps build that strong sense of self. It unleashes the strength and power within you to prove that you’re capable of more than you can imagine. Capable of what? Anything. CrossFit is a workout regimen, yes, but, it channels fear, self-doubt and discomfort into a strong physique and mentality. It’s commitment, dedication and mental toughness. It’s a community and fitness culture free of egos and full of camaraderie.

CrossFit Training Misunderstood

CrossFit’s popular for a reason, and it’s no hipster fad with a fading future. A CrossFit workout consists of a warm-up, gymnastics movements, Olympic weightlifting, and functional, varied exercises using equipment such as wall balls, kettle bells and jump ropes. Imagine quick, intense WODs (workout of the day) that include push ups, pull ups and squats, for example, working every muscle in the body. Expect workouts that could last less than 10, even five, minutes.

People judge what’s not easily understood, criticize what threatens conventional thought and resent what makes others happy. CrossFit experiences skepticism from the outside. People misunderstand the program and believe all the rumors.

Truth: CrossFit workouts provide undeniable physical results and push the mind — these are hard workouts that create euphoric adrenaline highs, promote health and embrace a socially supportive environment. It's a lifestyle that makes people of any gender, age and fitness level better. 


“Just Do It”

Because of CrossFit (not Nike), my life runs on the mantra “just do it.” No workout has ever pushed me beyond my boundaries and comfort zones. Quitting and excuses aren’t options. WODs will be uncomfortable. You will be sore. Burpees are going to suck. 150 wall balls will feel painfully never-ending, yet the effects are immeasurable. No pain, no gain, and the gain is good. You gain muscle. You gain strength. You gain confidence. You gain the mental capacity to know that you can do anything, even beyond those gym walls. 

Redefinition of Beauty

Women’s perceptions of beauty have been conditioned, and CrossFit challenges the ideal definition of female beauty by promoting strength over skinny. Women fear bulkiness, yet bulky is in the eye of the beholder.

In a CrossFit gym (also known as a box), toned muscles aren't bulky, but beautiful. Callouses from pull ups, bruises from power cleans and red slashes from double unders are like beauty marks of glory. For CrossFit women, it’s less about the number on your jeans and more about the number of pounds on the weightlifting bar. It’s less about the number on the scale and more about the personal score on the whiteboard. No one shames solid quads. You’re proud of your traps, and a toned back is evidence of sweat in the gym. 

CrossFit isn’t for everyone, and my campaign isn’t to force the program and its ideals upon anyone. A fitness regimen that has dramatically influenced my workouts, built mental toughness and improved my outlook on life, as well as myself, just has to be humbly shared.

If you’re still searching for a type of fitness that's exceptionally rewarding, visit that CrossFit gym down the street. Fight through your initial soreness and intimidation; it may just change your life.

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