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what-is-life-coaching-all-aboutMAINLife coaching is all the rage these days. But what is the life coaching industry all about? 

You’ve heard about the new emerging career choice of life coaching but what is life coaching? Life coaching is a growing industry but there are some need-to-knows about what life coaching is all about before you decide to hire one or even become a life coach. I decided to immerse myself in the industry, talk to life coaches, and attend sessions to see what life coaching is all about.

What is Life Coaching?

So, what is life coaching? According to life coaches, life coaching is all about moving a person forward as opposed to addressing their past. Life coaches partner with clients to get them where they want to be and reach their goals. There are different areas life coaches focus on, such as career, relationships, money and finance, and getting what you want out of life. Many life coaches give their clients homework, such as having them spend their free time engaging in fun activities, such as going on trips, going to nightclubs, and doing anything that makes them laugh, like seeing a comedy show.

Life Coach Training and Certification

Training programs across the nation are increasingly churning out graduates as the industry grows and handing out certifications to anyone who desires to lead people to better their lives. Some life coaching programs are 12-month programs or less.

What happens in a typical training session? Life coaches and clients have discussions about finding their inner beings and being one with the universe. And, they talk about weekly breakthroughs. At most sessions, volunteers are available for the coaches to practice on. Life coaches get their certification by having a certain amount of practice life coaching hours. 

what-is-life-coaching-all-aboutThe Truth About Life Coaching 

No degree, no schooling and no prior experience is needed to become a life coach. Life coaching requires minimal regulation since the industry is still young and loosely regulated. Anybody can become a life coach. Anybody could call themselves a life coach and have clients and not even have certification. Training companies are popping up worldwide; but the catch is that anyone can start their own. 

Life coaches usually won’t accept insurance since it’s not part of the medical field. Pricing is either based on per session, per hour or monthly. Cost ranges from $75 to $200 per hour or per session and up to $500 or more per month. Per month charging usually includes 1 phone call a week. This also depends on the type of coaching. Once again, there is no fixed regulation here but it is all out of pocket and it’s around the same pricing as a therapist or psychologist with a degree. Many life coaches don’t have offices so it’s usually all on the phone. 

Life coaches don’t even need to be certified to practice. Many have clients and aren’t even done with certification yet. Even though some life coaches don’t have it, liability insurance wouldn’t be a bad idea to have since they could be sued, like a therapist or a doctor, experts say.

The Life Coaching Industry 

The life coaching industry has exploded, especially in the last 5 years. According to the International Coach Federation, a global organization keen on advancing the coaching profession, the industry is growing. An ICF report from 2008, states that the worldwide annual revenue produced by coaching equals about $1.5 billion. ICF says there are more than 30,000 coaches currently operating. Coaching operates not only in the U.S. but also the U.K., Canada, Australia, France, and Sweden. The numbers aren’t concrete since some life coaches may be certified and others are just glorified advice givers that have given themselves life coach labels, says experts. What life coaching is all about is a new and loosely regulated industry that many life coaches forecast to become stricter but who knows when that will be. 

Now that you know what life coaching is all about, does your life need a life coach? Would you hire a life coach knowing the truths about the industry? 

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