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17410 shopping personalityYour style is everything. It determines how you dress, what you carry, and how you present yourself. It can vary depending on your mood, the weather, and where you're going, but there's always a core "look" that you try and emulate. But what if you're looking for new ideas to "switch up" your style? And what if you based it on what your personality is?

Womensforum's has created a Shopping Personality Picker. So simply read the profiles, choose the one that sounds most like you, and have some fun exploring the shopping side of your personality.

17410PersonalityQuirkyWildDo your friends lovingly describe you as "quirky"? Are geeky-cool T-shirts your thing? Are you just a little obsessed with the new Star Wars movie? Up for trying anything anytime?

Click on the photo to learn about your unique shopping personality, then browse a style selection based on your statement look, a cool mealtime accessory, a customized playlist, plus an app that lets you show off your creative side.


Are you everyone's "best friend"? Is your social calendar packed weeks in advance? Are you known for being more a go-with-the-flow type of girl?

Click the photo to learn about your shopping personality and check out a fun playlist to help you get ready for your many events, some major style inspiration, a cool mealtime accessory and the app you need for your busy social life.


Do you have a sweet demeanor most of the time, but a fiery temper that comes out when provoked? Do your friends turn to you for the unfiltered truth and sometimes tough love? 

Click the photo to see more about your shopping personality, the #boss accessories you should be buying, and a Beyoncé-approved girl power playlist to keep you jamming all day and night long.


Do you tend to be misleadingly shy and quiet in social settings? Do you have adventurous friends that you love to tag along with, but somehow manage to enjoy the action from the sidelines?

Click the photo to see more about your one-of-a-kind shopping personality, then check out a customized style guide filled with sweet style and accessories. Plus we've got the app that will become your obsession.


Are you the fashion "It" girl your friends turn to for cool, on-trend style advice? Are you the woman who gives copycats something to steal by adding your own effortless chic spin to simple, basic looks? 

Click the photo to learn more about your shopping personality, plus check out a customized style profile for your boho vibe, an app that'll help you at the farmers market, plus a playlist created just for you.

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