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We've all had our share of good and bad leaders at work. Now for those who do a great job... is it because they treat and manage their employees well? Or the benefits they provide? Bosses have to inspire their employees to succeed and provide the tools they need to do so.

A great boss needs to be aware of how people feel around them. In order to know what it takes to be a great boss, we have to ask the source: the employees. 

CNNMoney asked readers to weigh in on what they think characterizes the best bosses. Together, these three top traits seem to be what employees look for.

Respect and Appreciation

They respect what you do and your expertise and they respect the fact that you may have your own work style. "Great bosses earn respect by giving respect," said one reader. Readers also said bosses who say "thank you" came up a lot, as did bosses who publicly give credit where it's due. Employees want their bosses to welcome their input and feedback, and see them as humans, not just resources.

Create Trust and Support

An excellent boss trusts you to do your job and believes in your team. They are also always approachable. “Great bosses are also consistently ethical and fair, and they hire good people,” readers said.

Give Employees the Backing and Resources They Need

An A+ boss provides clear guidance, coaching and structure. And when something goes wrong, readers said, great bosses evaluate what happened and help you repair the situation rather than assign blame. They allow you to make mistakes and don’t instantly throw you under the bus, they let you fix them and learn from those mistakes. 


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