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what-moms-really-want-for-mothers-dayPerfect Mother's Day gifts that can cost a lot... or nothing at all.

Forget the flowers, the perfume, the cookbooks (really?!), the chocolate (well, maybe),  and all those typical mom-will-love-it gifts. We did some hardcore research to find out exactly what moms really want for Mother’s Day this year.

If you don’t typically put in any special requests, then you leave ‘em guessing and you get what you get. We aren't dissing fancy jewelry and homemade cards and potholders (who doesn’t love those?!). This is an opportunity to tell your family what could make you really happy.

Now, depending on how one interprets what moms really want for Mother’s Day, the results can be quite costly or totally free (see below for “it’ll cost you” or “free for all”). Here at The List we have compiled the top choices of what moms really want for Mother’s Day in terms of general categories. How you choose to ask for what you want or how your family decides to grant your request will determine the ultimate gift. 

Top 5 Things That Would Thrill Mom For Mother’s Day

  1. Alone time. Even though moms love time with the family, they cherish me-time too.
    1. It’ll cost you: A weekend getaway for mom alone or for mom and friends.
    2. Free for all: Take the kids out for part of the day and let mom luxuriate in the peace and quiet of her own home or to run errands unencumbered.
  2. Pampering. Mom is always taking care of everyone else. Now, it’s her turn to be taken care of.
    1. It’ll cost you: A day or weekend at a spa.
    2. Free for all: Draw her a bubble bath, bring her slippers, a glass of wine or cup of tea and a good book.
  3. Feeling appreciated. Being mom is the most amazing, yet most thankless job. Show your appreciation that she is your number one.
    1. It’ll cost you: Anything that will thrill her (this is where the jewelry or fancy restaurant can come in).
    2. Free for all: Do the corny stuff like decorate the house with signs, make breakfast-in-bed, pick a bouquet of flowers from the garden.
  4. Freed of mommy duties. If only for a day, let her feel like she is carefree so she doesn’t have to think about meals, carpools and more.
    1. It’ll cost you: Bring in or go out for all meals or hire a personal chef to get the job done for a day (and more if they freeze some extra away) and a high school kid to run carpools, oversee piano practice and toss a ball in the backyard.
    2. Free for all: Arrange for someone else to switch for carpooling or you do it and make playdates for the kids—at someone else’s house.
  5. A day without housework. A dream for mom is to not have to make beds, clean bathrooms, empty dishwashers and do laundry.
    1. It’ll cost you: Hire a housecleaner or cleaning company for the day. Make sure they are bonded and come recommended.
    2. Free for all: Assign yourself and the kids responsibilities. Do make sure the work gets done and doesn’t just pile up for when mom is “back” the next day.

Happy Mother's Day!

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