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6 Tips To Look Like A Biking Pro

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Don't be caught wearing this cycling apparel on your ride!

Biking is picking up in every city. There are more riders biking to work and cycling for pleasure than ever before. Bike-friendly cities are making headlines and bike-sharing is becoming more popular too. But, before you jump on the bike and pedal for pleasure, you might want to check out these tips for enjoying the ride.

What you wear on the bike can help your performance and biking pleasure. Check out these tips about what to wear on a bike from Melissa Moo Harkins, founder of MooMotion Sports.

What To Wear...

  1. Design. Cycling apparel does not leave much to the imagination and therefore, the design has to be flattering and slimming. Aside from overall aesthetic, look for functional details such as pockets for storage and reflective details for low-light visibility.
  2. Fabric. The fabric has to be smooth to the touch and durable to withstand the outdoors, frequent washing, sun exposure, and sweat. The fabric should be moisture wicking and breathable.
  3. Comfort and Fit. Cycling apparel should be fitted, but enable a full range of motion while riding on and off the saddle. Cycling jerseys should be longer in the back and provide enough coverage when leaning forward. Flat seams are important in preventing chafing and "saddle sores". I always recommend wearing a chamois cream as additional protection.

And What NOT To Wear While Biking!

  1. Muffin-Top Bottoms. These include any and all shorts that pinch or pull. No muffin tops while riding a bike! It hurts the belly and restricts movement.
  2. Thigh-Pinchers. Leg openings on shorts usually have silicone elastic, grippers, and non-elastic bands. Choose ones that will not irritate your skin. 
  3. Big pads. Based on personal preference and the distances you are riding, the chamois (seat pad in your shorts) should have enough support without being bulky. It should also be moisture wicking and allow for air flow and ventilation. 

Whether you're riding near or far, keep in mind that what you wear matters. If you're looking for an introduction to biking, check out my program, Bike Your Butt Off on FitStudio.com. It's a daily program that combines stretching, strengthening, and biking to be ready for your first 12K ride!

For more biking tips, check out AndreaMetcalf.com.

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