what-not-to-wear-on-dateA few simple suggestions could get you to the next date!

We often make mistakes when it comes to what you should wear around someone you are crushing on. This is why our phones are jammed packed with photos of our friends in a number of different outfits in weird angles, in front of bathroom mirrors with tussled hair. Well, after this, you won’t need to send any “Is this OK?” photos unless you want a second opinion. 

iStock 000022411436XSmallWhat NOT to Wear on a First Date

It’s natural that women wear clothes they want to get compliments on...from other women though. On the first date, it should be all about what will make your crush look at you like you are everything they've ever wanted. Yes, everything: classy, sophisticated, and sexy.

You want to catch their eye, so dress for him on the first date and stay away from the following items.

Do Not Wear List

  1. Hoodies: You should never wear a hoodie on a date even if it’s to a park or movie theater. It’s too covered up.
  2. Flats: Even if it’s dark when you all go out (or he’s short), wear a shoe with a heel.
  3. Confusing looking shoes: If your shoes look like a science project then you should save them for another occasion.
  4. Oversized tops: Show off your figure and stay away from the gigantic tops. He’ll wonder what you’re trying to hide under there and in general. Don’t make him wonder if you are trying to mask something or what you look like under that huge layer. Same thing goes for turtle necks.
  5. Over-the-top designs: Ruffles and glitter to name just two are big distractions. You want the focus to be on you and not the big bow on your shoulder. This also goes for bling stuff. There is a such thing as too much. Leave that at home. It’s cute to your girlfriends, but he won’t think so.
  6. Art project makeup: This is not the time to try a neon or highlighter lipstick, blush, eye shadow. This is distracting. Ever heard of K.I.S.S. Well, this is what you need to do tonight: keep it simple, sister.
  7. Revealing clothing: The big reveal shouldn’t happen on this night. Keep your secret places secret. Sexy is one thing but trying to be sexy in an inappropriate way is not sexy but that 4-letter ‘S word inferred earlier. If you must, stick to the 2/3 rule and show a LITTLE bit of up to two of your sexy areas like back, legs, or cleavage.
  8. Crop tops: DO NOT show your stomach or midriff area for any reason.
  9. Church clothes: You should dress for the occasion. You may not know where you’re going, but your church clothes are a little bit too dressy, we’re sure.
  10. Club dresses: Club dresses or bodycon dresses are to be worn to the club only. If you wouldn’t wear it around his parents then you shouldn’t wear it on your first date with him. There are so many dresses that fit every curve you have that don’t make you look like you work nights only. Find one of those.
  11. Fuzzy boots: They may be cute to you, but not him. It’s something about boxy and furry boots guys just don’t like. Consult #2.
  12. Graphic tees with graphic sayings: Be an adult and dress like one. Cartoons, logos, and political stances on your shirt is an automatic turnoff. What if he wore it? Yeah, exactly.
  13. Huge purses: Don’t make him think you’re moving in by bringing your extra big purse on the date with you. It looks high-maintenance and like you carry a lot of baggage with you...literally. Even if you are, you don’t want to come across as a person that carries her life in her purse. Junky purses are not attractive. You also don’t want to seem like a girl that carries a big bag because she needs it to feel confident. And for a third, don’t let it be a sign of all the baggage you’ll bring into a relationship.
  14. Braless: Always wear a bra on a date. Enough said.
  15. Headpieces: Bows, hats, or any type of headpiece are a no. Headbands should be worn to a minimum. Although cute, headbands have a childlike look to them. You’re not a child so for this date, don’t wear a headband.

Ladies, please don’t make any of these fashion faux pas on a first date.

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