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Because of the spotlight they are put under, celebrities have very few secrets. 

Even if they wanted to have secrets chances are they would be found out. Often, however, a celebrity willingly accepts the spotlight in order to assist a cause.  This was the case regarding what singer has breast cancer.  Melissa Etheridge and Sheryl Crow are both well known singers who were diagnosed with breast cancer. Both chose to share their experiences and allow their audiences to witness their treatment, pain and recovery of breast cancer.  The choices made by these women has led to greaterbreast cancer awareness worldwide.

When a Celebrity Singer Battles Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer among female singers has been in the news since Olivia Newton John announced hers when she was 44 years old.  Anastacia received her breast cancer diagnosis when she was 29 and has been lobbying for years for insurance companies to cover mammograms for women at younger ages.  Kylie Minogue, another pop star was diagnosed when she was 36.  Since breast cancer usually impacts older women (77% of all diagnosis are over the age of 50) these announcements came as surprises and really raised the awareness that one is never too young to start self breast exams.

Melissa Etheridge is one successful rock singer who conquered breast cancer.  She was diagnosed in 2004. Melissa's cancer was stage II.  When she had surgery they discovered that one lymph node tested positive and so all of them were taken out.  She underwent chemotherapy which she described as "hell" and after all was said and done is now a singer who is a breast cancer survivor.

In February of 2005 she bravely decided to perform at the Grammy's after just completing her last chemotherapy session.  She decided to sing bald without a wig to cover what the chemo had done to her. The impact of that visual statement was felt all over the world.  The ability to stand up and be true to herself and the battle she was waging against cancer inspired and gave hope to many others who were in the same fight, especially now that she has won that battle.

That wasn't all.  I Run for Life by Milissa Etheridge is a song written specifically for breast cancer awareness.  All proceeds from the song are given to breast cancer charities. Also, her fans began a campaign called "Pink Bracelet Fund" and all proceeds of this campaign go to the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation. Melissa started a chain reaction of goodwill that continues the fight against cancer from folks even beyond her fan base.

As many people know breast cancer is the second most frequently diagnosed cancer among women; melanoma is the first.  It touches one in eight women.  It doesn't matter if you are rich and famous or poor and unknown, it reaches into all walks of life.  Over 190 thousand women in the United States will receive a diagnosis of breast cancer every single year.  Of all the diagnoses that are given, over 20 percent of them will become metastatic (advanced).  Now is the time to begin being diligent with self breast exams, clinical exams and mammograms, if you've put it off up until this point, make an appointment today.


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