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what-to-ask-on-playdatesA new school year brings new teachers, new subjects, and new friends. With the kids’ latest besties changing up, this means new families for you to become familiar with, because pretty soon you’ll be seeing them everywhere: PTA meetings, carpools and most importantly, play dates. New friendships are great for your little ones and play dates are wonderful for you as they can offer up some extra mommy time to run errands or the chance to get to know their new friends (depending on whether at your place or theirs).

No matter the location, you want your kids to have an afternoon chock full of fun, but above all you need to know that they are safe and sound and you want to give that comfort to another mother too. That’s why we’ve complied questions for you to ask parents on play dates when they are leaving their children in your care and what to ask before you leave your babies in the hands of someone else. All are equally essential to make sure you and yours have the best play date experience possible.

And don’t worry that these questions will offend—it’s important to know. Print this out, blame us, and don’t ever be embarrassed to protect your kids.

Top Questions to Ask When Play Date is at Your House 

  1. Are there any allergies and what shall I do in case of accidental exposure? Is there a list of foods/brands to stay away from?
  2. What is your cell phone or best number to reach you?
  3. Is he or she comfortable with animals?
  4. If we play outside, do you need me to apply sunscreen?
  5. How do you feel about TV/movies/computer play?
  6. Are you comfortable if we decide to take a ride somewhere? Do you want to leave a car seat?
  7. Does your child have any particular fears or quirks for us to be aware of?
  8. Are you okay with your child going in the pool/on the trampoline/in the treehouse with adult supervision?


Top Questions to ask When the Play Date is Elsewhere

  1. Do you have any safety hazards i.e. guns, aggressive animals, pool, trampoline?
  2. Is there a working smoke alarm in the house?
  3. Will you be with the kids the whole time or will a babysitter/older sibling be taking over?
  4. What phone number can I reach you on? (Primary--cell or home)
  5. Are you planning on taking the kids somewhere else to play or just staying at the house?
  6. What is your rule for computer use, for instance, access to internet and freedom to visit different sites?
  7. If a sleepover, what time is bedtime in your house?
  8. Do you allow your children (and play dates) to walk unaccompanied in the neighborhood?

Mom Q&A: What are some easy budget friendly arts and craft ideas for a play date? Let us know at Couposh.

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