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what-to-bring-on-a-long-hikeHiking can be a fun hobby or even a nice, short getaway.

... But without the right tools, a hike longer than 30 minutes can be a disaster. You think you can get by with just a bottle of water and some trail mix, but once it runs out, you're out-of-luck. 

No worries! Lifestyle expert Andrea Metcalf tells you exactly what you need for a successful walking or hiking trip.


Must-Have Hiking Gear 

  • Walking Sticks: To increase intensity and support your upper body. 
  • Water Hiking Backpack: This helps your posture and keeps you hydrated. 
  • Hiking Shoes: Your ordinary gym shoes won't last you on a long hike. You need shoes with a good grip to support your feet.
  • Sunscreen, eyewear and hat to protect your face.

Now you’ve got everything you need for a nice long hike! Check online to find hiking paths that are located near you. Be sure to take short breaks in between to help build your endurance. 

Now go have some fun!

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