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what-to-do-in-your-spare-time-headerIt feels like we never have a second to spare...

Whether we are commuting or carpooling, working at a desk or volunteering at a fair, we are constantly kicking off our to-dos without taking a breath. So when we find ourselves with a few minutes to spare, we don’t always know what to do.

Here, we give you ideas for what to do when you've got 10 minutes to spare.

That’s not to say you can’t sit and chill-ax for those few minutes, because you absolutely can (we actually think that’s the unwritten number one idea!). But, if you’re in the go-go-go mood, rather than pondering what to do with that extra time waiting in a doctor’s office, on the carpool line, or for your next meeting to show up, we are throwing out ideas how not to waste 10 minutes and to get stuff done.

Being able to cross off an entry on your errands list is a sense of accomplishment, so make sure what you tackle in 10 minutes isn’t just the start of something, but can be started and finished within the time slot. 

Activities to do With 10 Minutes to Spare

1. Workout

Sit in your car or get out and stand next to it. Sitting there, you can do tummy tightening exercises by contracting abdominals and holding for five to 10 seconds before exhaling and then repeating. Kegels are another easy exercise to do while sitting in the car. Move your seat back and recline it to do some crunches (this depends on the room in your car and the length of your legs!), or leg lifts. Take a step out of the car and use the door handle to balance as you do side and back leg lifts.

2. Read

Whether it’s a book you remembered to throw into the car, a magazine you’ve been wanting to flip through, or a favorite blog you have been meaning to check out a few posts on, now is your time. Either remind yourself to bring the hard copy or access what you need on your smart phone.

3. Communicate

Catch up on emails, make appointments. Look through your phone to see who you owe a note to or what appointments you need for yourself, the kids, the house, the car, etc. Being pro-active with these appointments rather than waiting until the last minute will reward you with prime appointment times and an amazing feeling of accomplishment.


4. Nap

A power nap of 10 minutes is like a tiny jolt of caffeine that can carry you through the rest of your day or night. Of course, this might be easier to get away with in the privacy of your car or an office where you can close the door. Just shutting your weary eyes and letting your brain relax allows them both a re-boot when it’s time to get going again.

5. Organize

Take this time to get yourself together. Look at your calendar to plan the week ahead (carpooling, babysitting, plans, meetings, outfits). You can also go through and organize your phone—weed through photos, get rid of some of the kids’ outdated apps, upload a new app you’ve been wanting to.

And, don’t forget to take a deep breath.

For more parenting advice and info, check out poshmom.com

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