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Eating for a healthy bodyWhat to eat or what not to eat…that is the question! Are you an expert on nutrition or nutrition facts? Perhaps, but what if you can’t figure out what to eat or what not to eat? Don’t worry, a healthier body is closer than you may think. Healthy fats, nutrition facts, counting calories, low-fat, gluten free…the “get healthy” list goes on and on (intimidating!) but if you need some snack ideas to maintain that healthy body or achieve your best body, read on for some great low-fat healthy snack ideas!


Are you worried about what to eat and what not to eat? By focusing on foods that are low-fat, low in calories and high in nutrition, you can enjoy healthy versions of your favorites foods. Nutrition facts can be hard to understand, but by making healthy swaps you get the body you want.  

healthy fats
If some foods seem too high in calories to be considered healthy…think again. Certain foods are higher in calories but offer tons of awesome healthy fats and nutrition. Avocado, almonds, pistachios, healthy peanut butter and healthy cheese are all great healthy food options that are a little higher in calories but they definitely make the list of what to eat to be healthy.

What to Eat

This list of healthy, low-fat (and delicious) snacks will get you closer to that healthy body and that awesome bikini body you want!

  • Chocolate covered strawberries…yes you heard correctly, chocolate. By keeping portion sizes moderate (one cup of strawberries and 1 tablespoon melted chocolate chips) chocolate covered strawberries are a low-fat healthy option to satisfy your sweet tooth for a measly 115 calories!
  • 45 pistachios. Pistachios are delicious and the pesky shells slow down eating time, which will help your brain signal to your body that it’s full. At 148 calories next time you’re wondering what to eat…reach for the pistachios!
  • One medium apple with one tablespoon healthy peanut butter. Healthy peanut butter is peanut butter that is natural and not processed. This healthy snack is only 145 calories.
  • Healthy cheese and crackers. Low-fat healthy cheese (swiss and goat cheese) is easy to find and the crackers should be natural and organic. You’ll be satisfied and the snack is only 105 calories!
  • A quarter cup of guacamole and red bell pepper strips. By substituting red bell pepper for not so healthy chips, you save tons of calories and can really indulge in savory guacamole (high in healthy fats!) This what to eat snack can be enjoyed guilt free at a low 140 calories.
  • Opt for a high fiber bar with protein and taes.  Fiber One bars offer a wide variety of flavors with added protein too. Indulgent, guilt-free snacks to add to your afternoon or roadtrip.  

Put high nutrient, low calorie foods into your fuel tank that won't weigh you down! Enjoy these healthy body snacks and feel great. 

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