what-to-expect-getting-a-spray-tan-headerLooking paler than ever and needing a tanning boost?

If you're new to spray tanning and don't know what to expect, then read on because you're in safe hands.

Tan-orexic? That's me. Fake tan has become a necessity in my beauty regime. Unfortunately I was born an 'English Rose', which means as white as a ghost.

Way too many "are you feeling okay?" or "You're looking tired" remarks as a kid has well and truly led me to become totally and utterly reliable on fake tans.

Whether instant, spray, mousse or lotion, I've tried it all. And on the quest for the perfect bronzed body, I've racked up more than one spray tan visit under my belt. Jeez, I even owned a spray tan machine at one point. I'm what you might call, a spray tan expert.

Preshow: Prep, Prep, Prep!

Before you take a trip to the salon, you must be prepared. Meaning, no shaving, moisturising or wearing deodorant for 12 hours prior. Shaving the day you're getting a tan results in too much tan sinking into your hair follicles and therefore sporting some gorgeous spotty brown legs. In contrast, moisturising beforehand will dilute the tan and not allow it to take as well, which will leave you with streaks. Again, not a good look.

During Tanning: Don't Be Embarrassed

I remember my first-ever spray tan, and the horror when the lady passed me 'paper underwear' to put on. I was 16 and nearly died of embarrassment. Getting a spray tan isn't the most dignified of beauty regimes, but seriously, they do it everyday. So, wear the paper underwear with pride. You never have to see the person again. And if you are a little nervous, it's totally fine to keep your underwear on if you don't mind the staining!


After Tanning: Chill Out

Emerging from the salon, you'll no doubt feel sticky, look ridiculously brown, and smell like a biscuit. Don't worry, it's only for an evening and you'll look great after, I promise. So, my advice? Chill out and stay indoors to avoid unnecessary humiliation! No exercising, no showering, and generally anything. Relax, chill out, and wear baggy clothes.

Then, 6 to 12 hours later, wash off with warm water (hot water will result in your tan not lasting as long) and you'll have beautiful, bronzed skin.


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