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what-to-give-yourself-for-mothers-dayAs if Hallmark and/or your mom hasn't reminded you already, May holds a very important holiday: Mother's Day is May 13th and from these hard-working mamas to all of you others, we deserve it! For now, instead of obsessing and stressing about what to buy your own mother, sister or best friend for Mother's Day we have decided to make this blog all about you. Our first list in May is five things to give or do for yourself this Mother's Day (great gift ideas for others will come later). And, don’t feel like you’re being self-indulgent reading on or partaking—on every other day you put yourself before everyone else. This is a day to dote on yourself, and if you have to make yourself feel better about it, remember a happy mom makes a happy home. 

Here at "The List" we have compiled ideas of what you can do for yourself either on Mother's Day or to help you get inspired to make the most of those coveted me-time moments on those other 364 days a year. Each Mother's Day gift only takes a few minutes. You can choose to do them all on Mother's Day or incorporate them in your monthly, weekly, or dare we suggest daily routines!  Each one is meant to give you a smidge of indulgence—a necessity to your health and mood. So before you run off to the card stores and boutiques for the other mothers in your life, make sure you remember to give yourself something on May 13th because you also deserve some pampering. Enjoy and Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day

1. Hire Babysitter for a Change

Forget the guilt, were giving you permission to hire a babysitter if it means finally getting to grab lunch with your girlfriends or a long overdue night out with your hubby. Your kids will be having fun and so will you!

2. Get a Mani-Pedi

Sounds simple enough, but can you remember your last hour and half of nail and toe pampering? You can schedule one morning, noon (even lunch break), or evening. Aside from the dose of beauty, you'll be getting a much needed mental break too (just be sure to put that phone on silent and pick up a glossy mag or bring along your Fifty Shades book!).

3. Get Moving

Now for some of us, exercise is not so much fun, but it doesn't have to be something so intense that it stresses you out. Exercising is key to helping you find inner calm and everyone can benefit from an endorphin rush. Choose to take a 20 minute walk, do 10 minutes of stretching, or take a 30 minute spinning class--it doesn't matter, just make sure you give your body and mind some exercise. 

4. Get Some Vitamin D

Whether you choose to get off the treadmill and run outside, enjoy a book outside for an hour, or walk your pup, vitamin D is a necessity to your health offering benefits like helping our bodies metabolize calcium and phosphorus (needed for healthy bones), maintain a healthy body weight, and it is an immune system regulator. So spend 10 minutes al fresco sans the SPF (so the vitamin D from the sun can soak in), then lather on the lotion, grab your hat and enjoy the rays!

5. Order a Magazine Subscription

This is an inexpensive way to have some fun and indulge yourself in the latest celeb gossip, home design, news, or fashion trends. Ordering a subscription to a magazine will be your friendly reminder each month to take some time out during nap time, commuting, or before that bus comes back to your house for the afternoon run.

For more great Mother's Day ideas, check out Poshmom.   

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