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what-to-make-for-dinner-breakfast-ideasIt’s funny that what sometimes seems to be the easiest solution for us is like the best thing ever for our kids. Take the idea of breakfast for dinner! It’s so much simpler for us to whip up some pancakes or scramble up some eggs on nights when prepping, cooking and cleaning will take us well into bedtime. 

There are so many reasons why we love the idea of breakfast for dinner - there's no crazy prep times, minimal clean up, and it can be tailored to meet the desires of even the pickiest eaters. Tweaking recipes to make them healthy is also very simple for these, as is throwing a bone to the kids and adding a bit of fun like whipped cream designs to pancakes or chocolate chips to waffle batter.

So here's a list of ideas so you can choose the recipe that will work best for your family. For actual recipes, we like some of the big sites and cookbooks like those of Martha Stewart Living, Epicurious and The Food Network, or smaller sites like Secrets of a Home Cook, Extra Crispy, and any number of excellent food blogs. 

Find just what you are looking for from these spots or elsewhere - even when you find what looks good, you can still make some changes to make it your own.

5  Easy "Breakfast for Dinner" Ideas

  • Eggs. Scrambled, over-easy or in an omelet, eggs are packed with protein and are filling for dinner. They can be organic, from the farmer’s market or just your average white eggs. Mix them with veggies, cheese or meat (or all of those) for a little more flavor. Serve with or over toast—or for a festive plate, serve them right in the middle of a cutout piece of toast (do a search for egg in a basket on line).
  • Pancakes. These are a treat, even for us, and can be made with a variety of ingredients—entire restaurants are dedicated to different types of pancakes. Buttermilk is indulgent and whole wheat is healthy. You can slip in tons of other healthy ingredients like spurlina, hemp and more. Add fruit toppings like strawberries or bananas. They almost call for whipped cream and are a great accompaniment for syrup and jams.
  • Waffles. You need a waffle maker for these—but they’re not too expensive, and are just as fun for a Sunday morning brunch at home. The batter can be as healthy or as decadent as you like, and it can be an easy way to slip in ingredients that otherwise would be frowned upon. Like pancakes, you can top waffles with fresh fruit and surprise your little ones with some yummy whipped cream.
  • Crepes. From our French friends, these delicious wraps of sorts can be bought already made, then heated with the ingredients. Or you can venture to make them yourselves. Fill them with everything from eggs, fruit and cheese to Nutella, and peanut butter.
  • Oatmeal. This meal is so hearty it almost seems silly to make it for breakfast. Oatmeal is delicious and healthy, and all about comfort. Prepare the oatmeal (steel cut oats are our favorite) and then set out toppings on the table for the kids to mix in themselves. You can do everything from fresh berries and bananas to agave, sugar, granola, raisins, nuts, milk/cream and more.

Bon appétit!

For more parenting advice and info, check out poshmom.com or visit posh mom on Facebook.

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