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what-to-make-for-dinner-chix-and-stix-ideasIdeas for a fun chix and stix dinners.

One of the many tasks is determining what to make for dinner. As we have been doing in this series, we are bringing you five great ideas at once, so you can put all the ingredients and necessities for prep on your to-do list on your own time frame. This week, we’re dishing on meals that are perfect for picky eaters—since most people like chicken, we five ideas (we think maybe order in or go out two nights!) for fun chix and stix dinners—meaning chicken with sticks.

We know that even in the most relaxed food households, there are anti-ingredients as well as favorite recipes that don’t work or work for your group. So we supply the ideas, like these ideas for fun chix and stix dinners, and you go out and get the recipe, whether from a cherished family source, a cookbook or even the internet.

Check out some of our favorite sites like Martha Stewart and Epicurious or search for lesser known spots, which often have the best recipes. No matter where you get the goods, take our idea and run with it. The ideas for fun chix and stix dinners is not only fun to say, it’s fun to make and to eat, so your kids can get in on the good times from prep to cleaning their plates.

Pair any of these with rice or another starch and some greens, like grilled peppers or spinach.


5 Fun Chicken Dishes

  1. Kebobs. Chunks of chicken can be seasoned and skewered with veggies for a fun and festive meal. Veggies traditionally mean peppers and onions, but a kid-friendly version might also include French fries and edamame. For even your pickiest eaters this would work if you spear healthy chicken tenders instead of the seasoned ones.
  2. Satay. Think strips of chicken are simply grilled and then soaked in a sauce of your choice. Could be Thai peanut sauce or more of a teriyaki. Shorter sticks are used for satay and are easier for tiny hands to maneuver.
  3. Buffalo Bites. Boneless bite-size buffalo chicken are easily picked up with toothpicks rather than forks. The degree of heat is up to you and can not only be served with blue cheese dip on the side, but the traditional carrot and celery garnish works for a dose of veggies.
  4. Fried Rice. Rice, veggies, an egg and chicken makes for a favorite restaurant meal that you can easily re-create at home. If your prepared for some mess not making it into the kids’ mouths, give them chopsticks for a roaring good time.
  5. Pinwheels. When you roll fresh sliced chicken breast (made by you or bought at the deli counter) with cheese, spinach, and maybe another meat, you have a very successful appetizer that doubles as a main course. Hold the ends in place with toothpicks and serve with a fun salad and sweet potato fries, or other popular side.

Bon appétit!

For more food and parenting information, check out Posh Mom Blog.

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