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The idea of jet-setting anywhere you want over the holidays or during the summer sounds amazing in theory. But, when you’re actually on the airplane and you realize you’re not feeling so great from all the turbulence, and the guy sitting next you is coughing in your direction... well, let’s just say traveling can turn into a little bit of a bumpy ride. The last thing you want with traveling is for it to be stressful. Here are a few TSA-friendly items that you can keep in your carry-on to make traveling a little breezier.

Your Carry-On Packing List

  1. Vitaperk - When you wake up in the wee hours to get to the airport for your flight, the first thing you want to do when you get there is hit the coffee shop. Vitaperk is great because not only can it substitute as a sweetener and extra flavor when you pour it into your coffee, but it also adds some extra vitamins and minerals. That way you're getting all of coffee’s natural health benefits along with an extra boost of vitamins and minerals that keep you healthy and feeling well while traveling.
  2. E-Boost - Similar to Vitaperk, E-Boost adds a literal boost of Vitamin C to the cup of water your flight attendant gives you on the plane. Planes are notoriously germy, so that boost of Vitamin C helps you stay healthy and gives you an immediate energy boost.
  3. Dream Water - Dream Water is great if you’re scared of flying or having trouble falling asleep on airplanes or hotel rooms. It’s a sleep aide that helps you fall asleep, but doesn’t knock you out. You can be sure to be refreshed and not groggy when you wake up at your destination.
  4. Cremo Cream - Let’s face it; We all steal those little complimentary shampoos and conditioners from the hotel room. But, what most hotel rooms don’t provide is shaving cream. Cremo Cream fills that gap. Not only is it available in an under- three-ounce bottle, but it’s super silky and it’s moisturizing enough to beat those dry hotel rooms.
  5. Psssssst Dry Shampoo - I was skeptical about the dry shampoo craze, but it really is a great option if you don’t have time for a full shower. It’s great to bring while traveling because it adds volume to your hair after the dryness of airplanes and hotel rooms leave it flat. It can even take away the look of oiliness after a day at the beach.
  6. Klitch - Klitch is a footwear clip that hooks onto your bag so that you don’t have to try to shove that extra pair of shoes into your already packed suitcase. Clip a pair of sneakers to your carry-on and you can get some work outs in, even on vacation.

Packing for trips can be overwhelming. But, these items can make the whole traveling experience a little bit easier!

What are some of the things you can’t live without while traveling?

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