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If you have a daughter or several who are at the age when they are starting to wear and experiment with makeup, it's easy for them to be a little heavy handed with the application.Do you just straight out tell your girl there's just too much blush or foundation on or let her experiment with her look? You want to be honest and let her know it's OK to wear makeup, but also there's a way to work the brush, powders, and liquids to her advantage.

DOs and DON'Ts When She Wears Too Much Makeup


  • Politely say, “Honey, I like that you’re becoming a lady and learning how to do your makeup. Can I offer a few suggestions on how to make your makeup look flawless and more natural?”


  • Be positive and let her know her strengths. “I love your blush! It looks better than mine....”
  • Let her know where the makeup is heavy. “The lipstick color is great with the eyeshadow, but if you tone down the intensity on your eyes, it’ll be absolutely perfect!”
  • Offer suggestions on proper application. “I know a flawless way to apply lip liner. Can I show you?” 


  • Show her how you do it. “This is my favorite step. If you don’t mind, I can show you how it’s done.”
  • Let her try out different techniques and tools. “Try this brush. It creates the best smudge in the crease.”
  • Make her feel empowered to wear makeup how she wants. “If you’re happy with it, I’m happy with it.”


  • Make fun of her.
  • Criticize her makeup.
  • Be negative and tell her only what she’s done is “wrong.”
  • Make her feel like she has to do what you say.



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