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What to Wear for Thanksgiving Dinner

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WHAT-to-wear-for-thanksgiving-dinner-mainCheck out these outfit ideas to look stylish for Thanksgiving dinner with the family!

For any special event, a large concern for women is “oh my, what shall I wear?!” No fear! We have some great ideas for what to wear for Thanksgiving dinner. Whether you're having dinner with friends, family or your new beau’s family, you’ll want to look your best. Plus, these Thanksgiving dinner fashion ideas can be worn all fall too!  

Casual Thanksgiving Dinner Fashion

Here are some ideas for what to wear for Thanksgiving dinner that are casual and laid back: 

  • PANTS: It’s perfectly okay to wear skinny jeans that are dark blue or black, but keep in mind, you may want them stretchy; you’ll want extra helpings! Leggings are nice and stretchy and they’ll look great with boots.
  • SHOES: Wearing flats, low heels, or boots are some great footwear options. Keep the colors simple unless your outfit is a dull color and you want your shoes to pop.
  • ACCESSORIES: Scarves with loud colors or popping prints, like animal prints, are perfect for an outfit consisting of a black or gray top and dark pants. Statement jewelry and gold jewelry go great with any outfit. 
  • TOPS: Having a little fur to accentuate the outfit whether it’s on the top or the jacket, will add style to the outfit. Comfy knit sweaters, cardigans, or shirts are comfortable, warm, and depending on the colors and style, can be casual yet reserved. 
  • DRESSES: Comfy knit dresses are a great pairing with leggings and boots. 
  • COLORS: Burgundy, orange, dark orange, tan, brown, gold, peach, bright colors like yellow, red, orange, or purple. 


Dressy Thanksgiving Dinner Fashion

Here are some ideas for what to wear for Thanksgiving dinner that are dressy and formal: 

  • PANTS: A dark pantsuit paired with colored accessories works really well for a formal dinner. Leggings could possibly work but tights are a better option. 
  • SHOES: Flats and heels are your best bet here. It depends on the look and feel of your boots. 
  • ACCESSORIES: Simple, gold or nude jewelry will go with any dressy outfit. 
  • TOPS: Black tops are always a safe route for something formal. That way it will go with anything and you can bring out some color with your accessories. 
  • DRESSES/SKIRTS: Skirts or dresses with pretty patterns and tights are a nice combo. 
  • COLORS: Burgundy, dark orange, tan, brown, gold, peach, nude, white, and black are great colors to wear for Thanksgiving dinner

Follow some of these fashion tips for what to wear for Thanksgiving dinner and you’ll be the most happenin’ Thanksgiving fashionista of the evening! 

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