what-to-wear-for-your-valentines-date-night-headerWhether you enjoy a traditional evening with a romantic dinner, a casual midnight movie at your favorite theater, or out with friends partying the night away, keep your date night worry-free by knowing exactly what to wear. Check out these tips for whatever date activity you find yourself enjoying this year.

Ice Skating


Here is a date we have all seen in those romantic comedies and think to ourselves, "How cute." Don't save all the fun for Hollywood! Lace up your skates, grab your date's hand, and if you happen to be steady and confident enough with your balance, go for the hot cocoa.

Layering is key for this night out. Ice skating is a fairly casual activity, but adding more textures, patterns, and colors with layers can bring out a cute and flirty vibe. Choose a comfy pair of jeggings to skate around the rink in and pair with soft blouses, knit cardigans, and a bold scarf. Stray away from too much jewelry just in case someone takes a tumble out on the ice!

Uniqlo Cashmere Sweater: uniqlo.com

Romantic Dinner


Romantic dinners are not cliché so don't make your outfit that either! Whether you get to try new and exciting food or you get a night to feast on your favorite dishes, an intimate dinner is never the wrong choice.

Depending on how much walking you and your date will be doing before or after the meal, pull out those heels you have been waiting to wear. If the night is just the dinner and then a cab to another destination, go for the glamor!

Choose a dress that compliments your body, but not in a way that reveals too much. Where is the fun in that? With the many fun options available, go for a dress that shows off your back or perhaps sweet little cut-outs at your waist. Now a vibrant red might be an obvious Valentine's choice, but instead try out a muted rose, a gorgeous marsala, or even a classic black.

Oh My Love Peplum Dress: revolveclothing.com

Art Gallery


For a night of conversation, good wine, and artistic expression, this could be the date that is a perfect getaway from the normal routine. Pull out a cute pair of flats to prepare your feet for strutting thoughtfully around unique installations, beautiful watercolors, and that one piece you and your date just could not understand.

Achieve a casual-yet-elegant look with a peplum blouse paired with a dark ultra-skinny ankle pant. If you feel like embodying Audrey Hepburn with this look, go chic and all black. Throw your hair up and culture yourself on the art around you.

Ted Baker flats: tedbaker.com

The Movies


Is your ideal night out one at the cinema with a popcorn bucket between you and your significant other? Perfect! This one is easy.

Dress comfortably! If you want to look a bit more flirty, then stick with a simple cotton dress. Feeling more casual? Jeans and a cute sweater will work just fine. Sitting in the same theater seats for two (or more) hours in a potentially crowded screening can lead to a lot of fidgeting. Do yourself a favor and wear something that is comfortable enough to not make the situation worse.

Get extra cozy with the one you love by looking into a theater with 21-and-up showtimes. More and more theaters are vamping up balcony sections so that you can enjoy a cocktail during the movie while cuddled up on a comfortable love seat rather than the traditional ones.

Azalea Lace Top: azalea.com

Night Out With Friendswhat-to-wear-for-your-valentines-date-night-1

A red dress never hurt nobody! Impress fellow couples and your love with a red-hot number. 

Try out a high-low or midi skirt for the occasion. These can give you a lot more movement while socializing in a party atmosphere. Skirts are also the perfect piece to dress up or down depending on the vibe of the party. Tuck in a pretty blouse or add edge with a tee and leather jacket. Finish off the look with an ankle boot and make your rounds throughout the night arm-in-arm with your date!

Nasty Gal Dress: nastygal.com

A Night In


If your favorite date night tradition is staying in, don't feel the pressure of doing anything but that! Ordering a pizza? Making a gourmet meal for two? Binge-watching your favorite TV shows? Sounds like the perfect date night.

Get cozy in a flannel and leggings, or even plan out a pajama party for the two of you. By staying in, you get the luxury of being alone and spending time with each other without any outside distractions or interruptions. This is definitely one night you don't need to worry about if your heels go with your dress or not. Curl up, open a bottle of wine, beer, or even cranberry juice, and have a fun and relaxing evening at home.

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