What to Wear to a Job Interview at a Casual WorkplaceOK. So you got the interview, but what do you wear?

Figuring out what to wear on any given day can be difficult but especially to an interview. It can be even more of a problem when you have an interview at a casual workplace. You should always wear something that is appropriate in any professional setting to a job interview. Here are a few ideas and business casual pieces to wear to an casual workplace interview.

Interview Rule of Thumb

A rule of thumb for interviews is to never wear jeans, t-shirt, a hoodie or any of these lounging pieces even if it is for a job at an urban retail chain. To side on the err of caution, wear something business casual. Sometimes something as simple as your interview attire can prevent you from getting a job. Business casual is always a safe choice because it is not too dressy but shows that you are serious about the position. Here are are 10 stylish interview pieces to consider.

Turtleneck girl10 Business Casual Pieces to Wear to an Interview

  1. Dress slacks or trousers
  2. Button-down shirt
  3. Classic LBD 
  4. Cardigan or cardigan sweater
  5. Dressy, turtle neck, or cowl neck sweater/sweater dress
  6. Flowing blouse that's tucked in pants or let out loosely
  7. Dark blazer over lighter colored blouse/shirt
  8. Light sweater or jacket over floral dress
  9. Peep-toe heels
  10. Ankle boots

Dress the part and you are sure to get the job!

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