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  • Dress


    The last thing you want to deal with in the dressing room is lots of buttons, and squeezing into those jeans every time you get changed. Make your life easy by wearing a simple slip-on dress, or maybe even a slip on shirt and skirt!

  • Slip On Shoes

    Slip On Shoes

    Along with those slip on dresses, shirts and skirts, avoid the time it would take to remove socks and tying laces by wearing a pair of shoes easy to kick off while changing. What a time saver!

  • Neutral Colored Tank

    Neutral Colored Tank

    The best universal item to wear when trying clothes on is a tank top or camisole. Wear a neutral colored tank, or black, that will pair well if you're trying on new dresses, cardigans, jackets, and button down shirts.

  • Minimal Jewelry

    Minimal Jewelry

    Avoid getting your favorite necklaces and bracelets caught in new threads by, well, not wearing them! Instead settle for a cute pair of pearl or rhinestone stud earrings.

  • Pack Jeans

    Pack Jeans

    Inside your purse, bring a pair of jeans in case you need to see what an outfit looks like with your favorite pair. Instead of guessing how you will look, be prepared with a pair of jeans packed and ready to try on in the dressing room!

  • Shoulder or Cross-Body Purse

    Shoulder or Cross-Body Purse

    As those shopping bags are adding on throughout your spree, the last thing you want to carry is a heavy purse. Avoid holding that purse while going through clothing racks by using a light shoulder bag, or even a cross-body purse to clear up shoulder space.

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