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what-to-write-in-camp-lettersDid you send your child off to camp this summer? Here are thoughtful tips to add into their camp letter.

If getting ready for summer consisted of packing camp trunks to send your kids off to sleep-away camp, then kudos for you for getting it done, even if you were still shoving last minute stuff in as the guys were there to pick them up. You had a small breather until the kids left and now you are left with the task of letter-writing and with the thought of how to fill space creatively.


There are only so many times (and ways) you can ask their favorite activities, the names of their bunkmates and counselors or how the food is. There have to be other ways to successfully fill the space when you are writing camp letters

And, you can’t recount your days since you’ve learned or heard from others that you don’t want to talk about all the fabulous stuff going on at home that they are missing. It’s safe to say that it is hot, raining and boring at home. Discussing the amazing new restaurants you are trying or what friends you have seen or television shows you are catching up on won’t do anything toward making them not miss being home.

In order to successfully write camp letters, you’ve got to get creative- think news, entertainment or sports. They might like jokes, riddles, and tongue twisters too.

The object is to successfully fill the space and make them smile. It’s just a little piece from home while they are away.

5 Tips For Making Your Child's Camp Letter Great

  1. Send news: Look at their favorite magazine or genre and clip an article or two. For example, if their favorite sports player got traded or their celeb crush split from their significant other, they’ll want to know.
  2. Make a collage: Cut out pics of celebs, sports people, animals and more and make a mini collage they can hang up. Tape on fun words you find or make some out of letters. 
  3. Send a picture postcard: Either create a postcard from a favorite picture yourself or use a site like Postagram that lets you upload shots, type your message and then sends it for you.
  4. Tell jokes: Get a joke book from the bookstore, library or search a bunch online. You can send them to your kids for them to laugh at and share with friends. And, they don’t have to be just jokes. Fun trivia and brain-teasers will work too.
  5. Get colorful: Write to them in a variety of magic markers and in different styles. You’d be amazed at how quickly the page fills up when you get creative.

It’s also a good idea to have some fun postcards or folded stationery on hand, that way your notes can be short and sweet. 

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