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Our hearts go out to everyone who was in Vegas this weekend. The tragedy is heartbreaking and overwhelming, even if you weren't personally affected.

Donate Now! (Especially Blood)

Blood supplies are low so you if you live in the Vegas area and are capable of donating, that might be the most impactful thing that you can do. And even if you don't live nearby, donating blood is always a good thing. Check out Bloodhero.com or the Red Cross website to see where you can donate today. The city of Las Vegas is

You can also donate to the National Compassion Fund that helps victims of events like this, or directly to the Red Cross of Southern Nevada. There's also a GoFundMe set up by the Commission Chair of Las Vegas.

Prevent Future Tragedies

Do you think we need stricter gun laws? Contact your representatives and tell them what you think. Here's how to call them along with information about what to say. 

Talk To Your Family

If your child or other loved ones are asking questions about the events in Vegas, here's our advice on talking to kids about tragic events.


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