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The election is over, the winner has been chosen, and now you might have all sorts of free time - and social media bandwidth - on your hands. Whether you are elated, disappointed, or something in between, now is also the time to figure out what exactly you're going to do with all that energy you've invested in this presidential race.

The causes and issues that you care about won't cease to exist with the end of the election cycle, so you can and should keep working to build a better tomorrow during the next four years.

So What Are You Going To Do With All That Free Time And Attention?

And we have to be somewhat glad for that! Even if the election is close or contested, at least the incessant campaign ads will be done and it will stop taking over your social media and demanding your time and attention via the 24/7 news cycle. Therefore, you've got some free time!

Devote Your Time To Worthy Causes.

All of those amazing movements, activist groups, charities, and other important issues raised during the election don't disappear during off years - and chances are that you've learned about a ton of worthy causes that you can and should devote your time, attention, and even social media space to now that promoting and/or defending your preferred candidate is a thing of the past.

Volunteer your time, donate to charities and institutions that are important to you, and don't stop making connections - and therefore making a difference - now that we have our next president. 

Connect With Your Local Officials.

If the election only whet your appetite for politics at all levels, it might be time to think local. All of those city and town council members, representatives, judges, and more are the ones who really make the difference where you actually live. 

If there is a change you want to see, a cause that you want to draw more attention to, or you otherwise want to get more involved in local politics, this would be the perfect to take all that energy you invested in the presidential election and put it into your hometown. 

Start Your Own Movement.

It might be as simple as creating a catchy hashtag and some Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook-worthy content, at least in regard to getting things going and picking up some social media momentum. 

If that gets things going, there are a multitude of next steps that you can take. Following up on an initial outpouring of responses might take the form of organizing a meet-up or group, especially if it is a locally-based cause. Or you might be more inclined to set up a GoFundMe to raise money that will make a difference, start a petition on Change.Org, or create a website for your movement. 

And don't neglect your "base" on the original social media platforms - keep them engaged with updates and new content, as well as by reaching out to the people who support your cause and getting them more directly involved. Connecting with the media wouldn't hurt either!

So at the end of the day and no matter what the result, you’re probably at least somewhat excited for the election to be over. Election fatigue is at an all-time high this year, and it's probably particularly bad for those of you who live in the prime battleground states. So use that free time and attention to do something else positive for your community, your state, or your country. That's how you can make a real difference. 


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