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Bachelor and Bachelorette season is like winter or summertime- it’s just part of our calendar year. And if you and your gal pals are into the show just as much as me and mine are, we know that you plan big for the major episodes, like the premiere, hometown dates, finale, etc. Which is why you should host a Bachelor viewing party that your fellow binge TV watchers  can look forward to every season! Here are some killer tips for throwing a fun viewing party bash, and don’t worry, we didn’t forget to incorporate Chris Harrison or the roses. 

Party Favor Ideas 

Your guests will love going home with something special from your perfectly planned viewing party. Here are some ideas of what to include in your good bags: 

  • Homemade chocolate roses: Hit up your local craft store and grab some red candy melts, a rose mold and treat boxes! 
  • Homemade muffins: In each muffin, insert a stick with a picture of each bachelor candidate and write, “Meet the Stud Muffins.” Cute, right? Give every guest one or two muffins to take home.  
  • Roses: Keep it simple and send everyone home with their own rose! 
  • Give Your Goodie Bags  A Romantic Theme:  Fill the bags with romantic stuff they can share with theirboo at home like creative date cards you made but “written” by Chris Harrison, bubble bath for the fantasy suite, etc. 


Think about anything rose related such as chocolates, cookies, cupcakes, even donuts. If you’re hosting a large party, go buffet style. For easy cupcake ideas, make red velvet cupcakes and insert a stick with a picture of all the contests, the women, the men, the bachelor/bachelorette and of course, Chris Harrison. 

For dinner, you could make it into a potluck so you have a large array of different foods to choose from. For drinks, offer non-alcoholic themed drinks like kiddie cocktails. For the drinkers, make a large bowl of pink party punch to keep the fun going all night! 


I think it’s obvious you'll need some red roses for the evening! If you don’t want to buy roses, since they tend to be pricy, make your own out of red paper. You can lay them in a tray or make them into boutonnieres, depending if you’re watching the Bachelor or Bachelorette

You could also put out some creative date cards or pictures of all the candidates. And when you send out your invitations, you could mention what type of attire is required, such as what you would wear to a rose ceremony, group date, one-on-one, etc.  


Now it’s really time to get creative! The show is usually at least two hours long, and if it’s the finale, it’s over three hours! That means you have a lot of time on your hands and a ton of commercials. Here are some fun ideas: 

  • Bachelor bingo: Make your own bingo sheets and in the squares, include phrases like, when someone cries, when someone gets steamy in the hot tub, when someone says amazing, etc. 
  • An actual cash pool! Might as well make some money! 
  • Make your own date cards for when you go home. 
  • Bachelor jeopardy! 
  • Fill out prediction sheets. 
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