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Does your dog meet you at the front door ready for a good run? Is your favorite kitty a super snuggler? Can't get your four-legged friend OUT of the backyard? Or maybe, you have a hard time getting around the block because your dog wants to stop and greet every single furry friend that comes their way.

Whatever type of character you have keeping you company, every pet parent knows all too well that each has their own distinct personality.

When it comes to doing what's best for our favorite pets, it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. An active dog needs a lot more fuel to get through their day than a pet who spends the whole day napping. So when is comes to picking your pet food or what toys to buy, you need to find things that suit their lifestyle; that way you can enjoy their character for years to come!

Now, when it comes down to figuring out what kind of character your pet has, WomensForum has put together a Pet Personality Picker with a few handy suggestions on how to keep that lovable family member happy and healthy!

Look at the pictures and when you see a set that fits your pet's natural instincts, click it for a guide to understanding what your pets need.

The Hunter


Does your furry friend feel right at home in the great outdoors? Are they better at chasing squirrels than jumping for frisbees? Spend a little too much time batting their food around before eating it?

You have The Hunter on your hands.

Click on the photos above to see what toys, food and accessories are a perfect match!

The Socialite 


Has your pet never met another person or animal that isn't a friend?  Then it is possible you are sharing your life with The Socialite. These pets can make friends with anyone, be it one of their furry peers, their human's friends or even the mailman!

Click the pictures above to see everything your little socialite needs.  

The Olympian 


If you rarely spend time with your pet without breaking a sweat, then you might just be the proud pet parent of The Olympian. There's no denying that your pet could take home the gold in practically any activity, so they obviously deserve the gold standard in care from you.

Click on the photo above to check out the best toys, food and more for your favorite four-legged pal.  

The Snuggle Buddy


You grab the leash and your pet turns away. You pull out a toy and get a yawn. But the second you sit down, your lap becomes your pet's favorite spot.

You are the owner of a Grade-A snuggler!

Not such a bad deal, because really there is nothing better than cozying up with your pet?

Treat your snuggle buddy as well as they treat you. Click the pics above to find the perfect toys, food and accessory to keep The Snuggle Buddy happy.

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