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How Urine Determines Your Health

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1-How-Urine-Determines-Your-HealthIdentifying problems with your urine can help catch health issues

When you think about it, we know very little about our pee. Sure, we know that it can ease then pain of a jellyfish sting and that it smells when you eat asparagus, but changes in your urine can actually be an indicator of health problems you won't want to ignore. Leslie Spry, M.D., a spokesperson for the National Kidney Foundation, recently wrote in an article for the Huffington Post that knowing your urine is key to catching things like kidney damage or diabetes early on. 

Here are a few things to look for in your urine.


Spry said that clear urine means your body is hydrated, but dark yellow urine is a sign of dehydration, which could lead to health issues like kidney stones. Other colors in your urine, like pink or red, could be caused by dietary changes such as eating beets, but could also mean more serious health issues. Knowing what you ate and when your urine looks abnormal is crucial in determining whether or not you should see a doctor.


Strange smelling urine can also be caused by changes in your diet, such as increased vitamin intake, but can also be an indicator of diabetes. Spry said that "sweet smelling" urine is often caused by the presence of sugar in the urine, an early sign of diabetes or pre-diabetes.


You should also take notice of the "texture" of your pee. The presence of bubbles in the urine could be caused by the presence of protein, an early sign of kidney damage. 


Make sure you pay attention to how it feels when you pee. Spry notes that the symptoms of urinary tract infections include the frequent need to pee, a burning sensation when you urinate and cloudy, bloody or odorous  urine. 

Knowing your urine, and knowing your body, is crucial to knowing when something might be wrong. So ladies, take that extra moment to inspect your pee.

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