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A few weeks ago I did a Google search for images of balance. Know what I found?

Rocks. Flowers. Yoga. That’s it. Don’t you find it fascinating that balance, the thing many of us say we crave, is so abstract that across the entire internet, we can’t even picture it? So if you have no idea what balance looks like, you’re not alone. If anything, the most shared image of balance is walking across a tightrope, concentrating for dear life. THAT is not what I want for my life, and I know you don’t either.

A Better Perspective

So let’s replace balance with something better. Accomplishment. Accomplishment is the feeling you get when you do a great job at the things that matter most to you. In this blog, we’ll be highlighting ways to get more accomplishment in your work and life.

Picture This...

You’re a French chef, learning to cook. The first thing you learn is to get everything you need together before you start cooking. As you step up to your station, with all the measured ingredients and tools you need, you’ve got "Mise en place." Everything in it’s place.

I learned this firsthand at the Culinary Institute of America on the most amazing cooking vacation ever, and it’s stuck with me.

Great image, right?

Wouldn’t you rather have all the right things in their right places, safe, beautiful and inviting, than to have to balance them all?

Plus you can enjoy having 3/4 to one side or the other without the guilt.

So if you’re ready to figure out what you want and set yourself up for success, you’re in the right place.

Bring on the work-life accomplishments! Feeling down about your accomplishments? Check out 3 Confidence Builders You Can Use Right Now.

Read more of Elissa's work and advice at www.trulyaccomplished.com.

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